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Which Point Of View Is Best When Writing A Story

I am currently in the beginning stages of rewriting the first novel I published and looking for some feedback.

My 2nd Novel Was Published Today!!!!!

I am proud to announce that my 2nd novel has come out on paperback today!  I am very excited!   It

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Set Goals and Work Towards Them

“We will be lucky to reach the council alive at this rate,” Tristan says as he ties the empty water

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Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned

It has been a long time since my eyes have laid to rest upon the walls of my home.  Entering

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A New Beginning

“You have to go,” I reply.  “If you stay, Thomas will find out that I have left the palace.  He

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Guilt & Daggers

Light leaks in through the window as the dawn approaches.  Thoughts of last night flow through my head.  Lyla on

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Flames to Ashes

My screams are lost in the storm as Adam tightens his grip on my arms.  “Thomas stop,” I shriek while

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