Time Management For The Working Mom

Get up.  Get kids up and ready for school. Get ready for work.  Out the door.  Forgot my glasses.  Turn around.  Get my glasses.  Out the door again.  Start the car.  Traffic jam on the way to work.  Park car (no spots except in the lower lot).  Run to get to the office.  Work nonstop. Continue reading “Time Management For The Working Mom”

Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned

It has been a long time since my eyes have laid to rest upon the walls of my home.  Entering through the front gates, marching through the streets, and entering the throne room has been my dream for a long time.  Although I am here, I wish it were under different circumstances.  My homecoming shouldContinue reading “Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned”

Look At Obstacles As Future Accomplishments

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”–Henry Ford There are limitless obstacles in our lives. How we face them can make all the difference. One of the major obstacles I face on a daily basis is the need to interact with people.  Being a “social butterfly” doesContinue reading “Look At Obstacles As Future Accomplishments”

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