Meet Lyla Starborn

Lyla Starborn, AKA Princess Lyla, is the fifth born and youngest heir in the Produrai hierarchy.  She was born on Sanctoria, a world with three races of people constantly at war with each other. Lyla’s two brothers, Malekai and Evander, ascended (died) more than a decade before she was born, and her two older sistersContinue reading “Meet Lyla Starborn”

Get To Know Cynder Beastwood

His dark brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean, Cynder is a hottie!!!  He can make any girl swoon with his signature smirk of a smile.  He is the second oldest of the nine Mantekai brothers.  The Mantekai are a race of Sanctorians with shifter abilites. Cynder takes flight as an owl inContinue reading “Get To Know Cynder Beastwood”

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