The Best Bullet Journal Supplies on Amazon

The Best Bullet Journal Supplies on Amazon| Bullet journal supplies and page ideas from my journal to your screen!

How To Make A Bullet Journal For Beginners

How To Make A Bullet Journal For Beginners| Bullet journal setup made simple. Bullet journal page ideas and examples at your fingertips.

Bullet Journal Lifestyle: Living One Bullet At A Time

Bullet Journal Lifestyle | Bullet journal information right at your fingertips. Learn about the benefits of keeping a bullet journal and how easy it can be to live an intentional and productive life.

Time Management For The Working Mom

Get up.  Get kids up and ready for school. Get ready for work.  Out the door.  Forgot my glasses.  Turn around.  Get my glasses.  Out the door again.  Start the car.  Traffic jam on the way to work.  Park car (no spots except in the lower lot).  Run to get to the office.  Work nonstop. Continue reading “Time Management For The Working Mom”

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