Hung vs Hanged

I thought of something interesting as I was working through my WIP. What is the difference between hung and hanged? A curtain is hung but a man is hanged.  Why can’t a man be hung?  I think it is strange that we use the word hung more than hanged.  Our infinity for “the hanging man” is weird andContinue reading “Hung vs Hanged”

Continually vs. Continuously

While editing a chapter in my newest novel, The Curse of Judas, I ran across something interesting.  I have been using the words continually and continuously incorrectly.  While the reader can still get the gist of the message I was trying to convey, it still struck me that I had not thought about it before.Continue reading “Continually vs. Continuously”

Do you know the difference between a hyphen, an en dash, & an em dash?

Dashes……. You see them everywhere even though you may not realize it.  But did you know that there are three types of dashes?  Really, there are three. hyphen (-) en dash (–) em dash (—) Now you may be saying, what—I’ve never heard of that! Well, neither had I before I found out I hadContinue reading “Do you know the difference between a hyphen, an en dash, & an em dash?”

What is an Adverb & How To Use It?

What is an adverb? Adverbs describe verbs and adjectives.  Most end in -ly or –ily but not always Example Verb: Angry Adverb: Angrily Where do you use an adverb? Adverbs can be used anywhere within a clause. Example  At the beginning:  Suddenly, I am hungry. At the end:  I eat so fast. In the middle: I may have never eaten before. What areContinue reading “What is an Adverb & How To Use It?”

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