Forsaken Has Been Released!!!

An Epic Fantasy Adventure Suitable For Young Adults I have worked for more than a year to write Forsaken.  It is a major accomplishment to write a complete novel.  Now I have two!!!! Filled with unexpected twists and turns, friendships are tested, and alliances broken as the war between the three races of Sanctoria spills intoContinue reading “Forsaken Has Been Released!!!”

My Bookshelf

Forbidden: Book One of the Sanctorian Series Lyla may look like any other teenager that lives on Terra, but she has a secret; she is a Produrai princess.  Ten years ago the Produrai escaped the clutches of the never-ending war of Sanctoria, their homeworld, to begin life anew on Terra.  While everyone around Lyla isContinue reading “My Bookshelf”

When The Sun Has Set, No Candle Can Replace It.

—-An Excerpt From Forsaken: Book Two of the Sanctorian Series—- Listen to the music as you read. Cynder takes a flat stone and skips it atop the clear pool, leaving behind ripples that flow outwards and dissipate back into the calm mirror of the water’s surface.  He grabs another stone, one that is near myContinue reading “When The Sun Has Set, No Candle Can Replace It.”

Bird Song

My eyes were red and swollen from the down pour of tears that I had tried to stop from falling but was unsuccessful.  I sniffled and wiped the salty wet from my cheeks as I stared out over the surrounding forests of my new home.  Twigs snapped behind me, causing me to jump and turnContinue reading “Bird Song”

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