My Bookshelf

Forbidden: Book One of the Sanctorian Series Lyla may look like any other teenager that lives on Terra, but she has a secret; she is a Produrai princess.  Ten years ago the Produrai escaped the clutches of the never-ending war of Sanctoria, their homeworld, to begin life anew on Terra.  While everyone around Lyla isContinue reading “My Bookshelf”

Inspiration: Domuran Architecture

The moss-covered ground of the inner sanctum is littered with sweet smelling white petals from the flowering trees.  Petals float through the air, falling to the ground like snow, as Qlirim practices his swordsmanship.  His long blade slices though the air with intent to kill the unseen foes. Qlirim leaps, turning a complete circle mid-flight,Continue reading “Inspiration: Domuran Architecture”

Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned

It has been a long time since my eyes have laid to rest upon the walls of my home.  Entering through the front gates, marching through the streets, and entering the throne room has been my dream for a long time.  Although I am here, I wish it were under different circumstances.  My homecoming shouldContinue reading “Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned”

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