The Age of Pisces: A Time of Spiritual Growth and Mental Expansion

The age of Pisces was a time of faith and sacrifice. Religion dominated society and dictated societal norms. The duality of Pisces can also be seen as through the birth of scientific thought. Science and religion constantly butt heads during the end of the era.

The Age of Aries: A Time of Initiative and Prosperity

The Arian age was a time of empirical growth and expansion. Religion shifted from polytheism to monotheism. Cultures intermingled as empires obtained new territories. This was an age of blood and war. An age of power and wealth.

The Age of Taurus: A Time of Stability and Structural Growth

The Age of Taurus signified the time of structural growth and divided social status. It was a time of great wealth. Subsequently, the people of the era had more time to divulge in the arts. Jewelry crafting and sewing skills improved. The world flourished, and the people became prosperous.

The Age of Cancer: A Time Of Hearth and Home

Recently, I have been reading through the Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon as a part of my path of self-discovery. Mildon wrote a section called Timeline By The Stars. It follows man’s development from birth (creation) through the present day by comparing the ages of man to the zodiac. The Cancer Constellation Cancer isContinue reading “The Age of Cancer: A Time Of Hearth and Home”

The Age of Leo: A Time Of Rebirth and Personal Growth

Leo represents the start of something new, a creative mind, the discovery of passions, and hope for a better future. Leo represents the beginning stage of self-discovery. Rebirth, a renewal of energy, a time when roots form and sink deeply into the earth giving new life.

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