Other Things to Consider When Developing Your Character

What makes your character unique and helps them to stand out from the thousand other characters your readers will meet in their lifetime?  What is it about your character that you want your reader to remember after they have finished your story? Think about the people you meet in your life.  Pick out one ofContinue reading “Other Things to Consider When Developing Your Character”

Developing Your Character’s Appearance

I find it helpful to search online or through magazines to find inspiration for how I want my character to look.  Usually, I will take a screenshot or a clipping and paste it with my character’s arc to use as a reference when I am trying to describe how they look.  When you describe yourContinue reading “Developing Your Character’s Appearance”

What is a Character Arc?

First of all, what is an arc?  Look at the picture below. An arc starts from point A, rises, and then falls to end at point B.  A character arc does the same thing.  It is the character’s transformation from who they are at the beginning of the story to who they will become byContinue reading “What is a Character Arc?”

Planning Your Character’s Arc

Developing the characters for your story is not easy.  Every little detail is important when developing the relationship between the reader and your character.  Your character’s personality will grow and develop as you continue to write.  However, remember to keep your character’s voice constant throughout your work.  If your character has a sudden change inContinue reading “Planning Your Character’s Arc”

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