One & Done: Amazon’s Author Central (An Author’s Guide)

Over the past month, I have posted about marketing using Amazon’s Author Central.  As a new author, there is a lot I have to learn.  But, I firmly believe that authors should help other authors.  So, I compiled my notes about Author Central and put them together in a guide for other authors to use.Continue reading “One & Done: Amazon’s Author Central (An Author’s Guide)”

How to Choose Amazon Categories in a Few Easy Steps

Amazon offers authors up to five categories per book.  If you have a book published in paper and in eBook then you can possibly have up to ten categories for one title!!! So, why do you need to put your book under so many categories? The answer is discoverability!!!  You want your book to appearContinue reading “How to Choose Amazon Categories in a Few Easy Steps”

A Professional Photo! What For?

People make snap judgments based on appearance. Don’t believe me?  Read the following example. You go to the store to purchase a book.  Unless you know which book you are looking for, you go through the multitude of shelves browsing.  You don’t pick up every book and read it.  You judge which book you pickContinue reading “A Professional Photo! What For?”

Different Types of Reviews

Reviews.  They are an important part of building your brand and getting your work noticed.  There are four types of reviews. Consumer Reviews: These are reviews written by your readers. Manuscript Overviews: These are pre-publication editorial reviews (sometimes known as ARCs) Editorial Reviews: These are reviews given by a professional in the publishing industry Peer Reviews:Continue reading “Different Types of Reviews”

Writing Your Author Biography

An author’s biography is a valuable tool that helps to build the foundation for your brand.  When you go to Amazon to purchase a book, you will see the author’s name highlighted below the book’s cover. Click on the name of the Author and the Author’s page will open.  On the left side of theContinue reading “Writing Your Author Biography”

Do I Need an Amazon Author Page?

As an author, you are not only selling your work but your brand.  When you think of brands, you may be thinking about companies like the following: You probably recognize quite a few of the brands above.  Each brand you recognize is associated with your impression of that company.  Let’s break this down further. WhenContinue reading “Do I Need an Amazon Author Page?”

What is an Amazon Author Page?

Amazon offers authors a page all their own where they can connect with their readers.  The author page can be considered as an extension of an author’s platform.  It is a place where the reader can read the author’s bio, buy their books, and find links to the author’s website. An author can also uploadContinue reading “What is an Amazon Author Page?”

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