Have you ever pondered how to start a garden but didn’t know where to begin?
You get on Pinterest and start searching but soon become overwhelmed by the plethora of information. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Cynthia, and I was just like you once. I grew up as a good ol’ southern gal, eating off the land by hunting, fishing, and gardening. My dad had a huge garden every year. Growing up this way was not typical for my generation, but it taught me many valuable lessons and hard work and perseverance.

When I was 19, I married a ‘city boy‘ who didn’t know how to tie a fishing hook to the end of a pole. Soon after we were married, we were blessed with two beautiful little boys. Since my husband and I grew up in different environments, our opinions about raising children were very different.

I know what you are thinking—“What does this have to do with gardening?” I’m getting there, I promise.

As a mom, I wanted my children to experience the same things I was able to as a child. I wanted them to know how to hunt, the feel of fish scales and warm eggs straight from the chicken coop. Above all things, I wanted my children to understand how to grow a garden.

See, I told you I would get to the point.

Gardening as a subject is an inclusive term. It covers all things related to the soil including, but not limited to: flowers, fruit & vegetables, trees & shrubs, lawns, indoor & outdoor plants, composting, garden tools……

The list could go on and on, but for now, I will stop there.

I can fully understand why you would feel overwhelmed. I felt a bit overwhelmed in the beginning too!

I have compiled all the best gardening techniques, tips & tricks, as well as some specifics on my favorite plants. I invite you to ‘take the jump’ and commit yourself to grow a garden of your own.

Whether you are going to cultivate a container garden, show your creativity with vertical gardening, or sow a traditional garden plot, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride after harvesting the fruits of your labor.

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