How To Write A Novel Using OneNote

Tips for how to organize and write your novel using OneNote. From research to structure and outlining, OneNote is the tool to use.

Increase Your Word Count: 6 Tips for Making a Creative Writing Space

Increase your word count with a productive creative writing space. Make a writing workstation that will work for you and keep you focused on reaching your writing goals..

Which Point Of View Is Best When Writing A Story

I am currently in the beginning stages of rewriting the first novel I published and looking for some feedback.

3 Bullet Journal Attempts And What I Learned From Them

A bullet journal is a good tool to use when you want to organize your life but you don’t know where to start. Outside of family and work, I pursue my dream of becoming a full-time writer. I have always used spiral notebooks to keep my notes in or write out my ideas. Over theContinue reading “3 Bullet Journal Attempts And What I Learned From Them”

Preview: The Curse of Judas

The Curse of Judas is scheduled for release on October 31st!!!! I am super excited and thrilled to give you a preview of what is to come. After generations of advancement, the human race had thought they were invincible. That was until the revenant made their presence known. The humans that survived the culling mustContinue reading “Preview: The Curse of Judas”

“Whereas” vs. “Where As”

While editing The Curse of Judas I stumbled upon this conundrum.  So I did a little research. Whereas If you can substitute the word “while” then it is okay to use “whereas” as one word.  If you cannot, then use “where as” as two words. I stumbled upon a very interesting blog post while IContinue reading ““Whereas” vs. “Where As””

Blonde vs. Blond

I was researching for The Curse of Judas and stumbled upon this interesting fact. Taken straight from the search page: In the original French and in traditional English usage, blond is masculine and blonde is feminine. Therefore, blond is male and blonde is female. The word blond can function as an adjective and as a noun, and it is one of the only English adjectives to retain separate masculine and feminine grammatical genders.Continue reading “Blonde vs. Blond”

Mantel vs. Mantle

While editing The Curse of Judas, I ran across a spelling conundrum. Mantel vs. Mantle I never realized that there are two ways to spell this word, and each way has a different meaning. The “mantel” is a shelf above a fireplace. The “mantle” is below the crust of the earth or it could beContinue reading “Mantel vs. Mantle”

“A While” vs. “Awhile”

While editing a part of The Curse of Judas, I stumbled across a dispute between the use of the phrase “a while” and the word “awhile”. Here is the snippet from the story: He stared into the fireplace next to the couch, and without looking at me, he answered.  “A revenant’s blood has power.  ByContinue reading ““A While” vs. “Awhile””

Bear a child or Bare a child?

I was writing a particular scene in The Curse of Judas and I stumbled across the difference between bear and bare.  Here is the snippet from the scene: “You are important.  In fact, you are the most important person I have met in the thousand years of my existence,” he replied. “Why is that?” IContinue reading “Bear a child or Bare a child?”

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