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Happy Lunar New Year!

November Reboot

I’m back! After a loooonnnnggggg time without a typed word, I am finally starting to get my life back. Where

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Stepping Back To Move Forward

Someone told me this week, that at times it is necessary to take a step backwards in order to move

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Gratitude: A State Of Mind & A Weapon Against Depression

Gratitude: A State of Mind & A Weapon Against Depression | Do you feel the world is too much to deal with at times? Life is too hard? Nothing good ever happens to you? An attitude of gratitude is a choice. It doesn’t happen by chance.

Failing is a part of learning

Writing isn’t easy.  If it were, anyone could do it.  It takes time and patience to create a masterpiece that

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Time Management For The Working Mom

Get up.  Get kids up and ready for school. Get ready for work.  Out the door.  Forgot my glasses.  Turn

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Things Don’t Always Turn Out As Planned

It has been a long time since my eyes have laid to rest upon the walls of my home.  Entering

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Look At Obstacles As Future Accomplishments

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”–Henry Ford There are limitless obstacles

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Don’t Wait Until You Are Ready!

“There are so many authors in the world today, it is impossible for me to get noticed.  My books will

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