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I just wanted to shout out a quick thank you to all my fabulous readers out there. has gone

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Increase Your Blog Traffic Using A Few Simple Strategies

Looking for a way to increase the traffic to your blog? Look no further. Here are a few proven strategies that will double if not triple your current traffic.

The Secret To Blogging For Comments

Blogging for comments is like fishing in the Arctic unless you know a few secrets. Click through to find out what professional bloggers do to rack up on comments and draw traffic to their blog.

Start A Blog For Free With WordPress

Looking For Some Balance In Your LIfe? Or maybe you want to change your career? Look no further…..


Thank you all for your support.  When I first ventured into the world of blogging, I didn’t know what to

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One & Done: Amazon’s Author Central (An Author’s Guide)

Over the past month, I have posted about marketing using Amazon’s Author Central.  As a new author, there is a

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Do I need a website as a published author?

Do I Really Need a Website? Credibility!!!!!  If you want to be a credible author, you need a website where

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What is SEO?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Tbe basics of SEO including image optimization and the use of keywords.

How to Choose Amazon Categories in a Few Easy Steps

Amazon offers authors up to five categories per book.  If you have a book published in paper and in eBook

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What is a Book Trailer?

All about book trailers and why they are important in building your author brand.

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