Book Review: Chosen by the Vampire Kings by Charlene Hartnady

Tanya is going to have to come to terms with her new life. Forced to choose between the love of two men, and placed in the middle of a war between the covens, will Tanya be able to survive….

Book Review: Braving The Elements by K. F. Breene

Sasha must learn to control her magic and wield the elements if she is going to ever regain her freedom. The ever constant pull toward Stefan and the threat of an attack loom over her creating a mess she never through she’d find herself in.

Book Review: Everless by Sara Holland

In a world ruled by time and time created through blood, Jules must find a means to survive. Once an upper-class servant, the daughter of the blacksmith, Jules hides from the Gerling family—mainly from Liam. After her father squanders away his time, Jules must find a way to save him.

Author Spotlight: Marcus Breathnach

Marcus Breathnach is a Irish self published author of the Eiru Saga, first in the saga is Were Inc Uncaged. A sci-fi fantasy series with codes in each book leading to a deeper insight into the expanding story line. His extensive knowledge of psychology and lore is shown in his work, blending real people with mythologicalContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Marcus Breathnach”

Author Spotlight: TK White

TK White is a writer, editor, wanderer, and lover of all things fantastical. Most days you can find her scaling castle walls on daring rescue missions, brewing gruesome potions to destroy her arch nemesis, fighting mythical gods hellbent on taking over the world and, of course, slaying fire-breathing dragons through it all. Whew. Her daysContinue reading “Author Spotlight: TK White”

Author Spotlight: Sara Beth Williams

Sara Beth Williams was born and raised in Northern California and resides with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not held hostage by the keyboard, she enjoys teaching children, playing guitar, reading, and spending time with family and friends. How long does it take you to write a book?  Asking me how long itContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Sara Beth Williams”

Author Spotlight: Natasja Eby

Natasja is a librarian and the self-published author of My Best Friend’s Brother/The Summer I Turned Into a Girl (2012), a 2011 National Novel Writing Month winner. She is an avid fan and participant of NaNoWriMo and has completed several novels over the past few Novembers. Knockout Girl is her newest novel, published in OctoberContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Natasja Eby”

Author Spotlight: Sean M. Locke

Sean M. Locke is a family man and independent author living near Boulder, Colorado. He took his bachelor’s degree in creative writing, which led him (quite obviously, of course) to a career in information technology. Sean’s day job keeps his computer in good repair, which enables him to write fantasy and science fiction novels andContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Sean M. Locke”

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