Book Review: Prey: Imperium Protectors (Coveted Prey Book 1) by L.V. Lane

Coveted Prey Series
The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Prey: Imperium Protectors (Coveted Prey Book 1)

Author: L.V. Lane

Main Character(s): Belle, Silas, Nate, Dax and Bram

First Published: July 31, 2020

Pages: 269

First Sentence: “’Damn it!’ It has been a testing year, and I’m close to my breaking point.”

Last Sentence: “The brooding Alpha only smirks. Long, dark hair tied back in a queue, a rough beard, and a fearsome scar that bisects his right brow and cheek. I recognize the miss. The man who claims her lips, I do not.”

To surrender oneself is to surrender the heart.

Story Line Overview: 

Belle is roughing it on her own in the wild. Her companions are a few scrawny chickens, a courageous dog named Shep and 9 overly fat pigs. Belle is an omega, a prize for an alpha. That was until her dad died a year ago. Now, she is a sitting target. Ploys and deceit can’t keep her safe for long.

Starving, cold, and nearing desperation, Belle is rescued (claimed) by her Alphas Silas, Nate (a half shifter-half alpha), and Dax. The three Alphas happen upon Belle during their mission to apprehend an outlaw named Oswold. Instead of Belle’s natural instinct to become their prey, she turns the situation into a win and wraps the Alphas around her little finger. Now she is the most fearsome predator the Alphas have ever faced.

They group must travel on a perilous journey back to the home of the Alphas where they will be joined by the last Alpha, Bram. Along the way, they must deal with what to do with Belle’s pets (the pigs) and the ever-present threat of an attack by the outlaws.

My review:  

This was a good read. The story kept my attention from start to finish without fail. Although there are a few parts of the story where I was scratching my head at Belle’s actions, for the most part her actions fit the role of a weak girl learning to be strong.

I liked how Belle had the final say as to who she wanted to go with. I did not enjoy all of the submissive parts of the story line, but for it to fit the plot, it worked. The author did a good job developing this world and the characters in it. I will continue to read this series to see where it takes me.

Overall, I would give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves the Curse of the Gods Series, The Darkest Drae Series, or the The Hades Trials.

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