Increase Your Word Count: 6 Tips for Making a Creative Writing Space

Optimize Your Writer's Desk

Writers need space.  Space to think outside the box. Space to be themselves fully without judgment or spying eyes. Whether you use a dedicated room or the bed you sleep in, having a dedicated workspace for writing will help you increase your productivity and daily word count.

When you are comfortable in your space and in the zone, your writing will feel more like play. Distraction-free and your own personal zen zone, YOUR CREATIVITY WILL FLOW FREELY.  With a few tricks, you will be putting out novels, stories, poems, or whatever tickles your fancy, faster than you ever have before.

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Decide on Your Writing Space

Choose your writing space. Whether you sit at the kitchen table, home office, or your bed, choose that give you a feeling of your own PERSONAL ZEN. You can be just as productive in a small workspace as you can in a large in.

How to set up a writing area:

  • Choose a space free of distractions. Find a spot or a room where you won’t find yourself looking at a sink full of dirty dishes that need to be washed, or a basket full of clothes that need to be folded.  Your space needs to keep your focus on your writing.
  • Keep a clock nearby.  Taking ample breaks and completing writing sprints is a great way to keep yourself on track.  Having a clock nearby can help you be more productive and keep you from experiencing burn out.
  • Make your space comfortable. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable workspace.  Starting with where you are sitting, make sure your chair promotes healthy posture. Avoid clutter.  You want your space to be comfortable and promote a feeling of peace and happiness (PERSONAL ZEN). Add a plant or some pictures of your loved ones. Your space is judgment-free. Do what makes you happy and helps you to keep your focus on your writing.

“Energy Goes Where Focus Flows”

  • Adjust the temperature. Choose a space where you can control the temperature room. If the room is too warm, you may find yourself getting sleepy. Too cold, and you may be uncomfortable.
  • Set the mood. Whether you need complete silence or soft music playing in the background, set the mood to inspire creativity.  Creating a writing playlist is a great way to set the tone for your literary work. Acoustic romance songs set the tone for a romantic scene. Or likewise, the drums of war to awaken your creativity when writing conflict.  Whatever you are going to work on, set the tone to get those creative juices flowing.
  • Pick a scent. Smell is a strong mental trigger. When you think of fresh-baked cookies, can you smell them coming out of the oven? Or a campfire? Can you smell the burning wood? Using a scent to trigger your brain into “WRITER MODE” is a secret used by many famous authors. Whether you choose a candle, incense, or an essential oil diffuser for your workspace, choose what promotes positivity.

Optimize Your Writing Space and Workstation

Whether you are a note taker, pencil pusher, or computer geek, your writing space will need a few elements to keep you productive and on track for reaching your writing goals.

  • Writing Notebook or Writing Bullet Journal
    • This book contains the backbone of your work. From scene lists and character archetypes to formatting notes and word trackers, your writing notebook is an essential piece of your literary world.
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  • Sketch Pad or Note Pad
    • Having a sketch or note pad handy can help you jot down spur of the moment thoughts or map out plot points in your literary work. Don’t forget the pens, pencils, and erasers!
  • Computer
    • Whether you use Microsoft Word, Notepad, or OneNote as your writing medium, your computer (with a fully charged battery) is essential.
  • A Safe Place To Put A Drink
    • Electronics and liquids do not mix!  Ensure you have a place to put a drink where it cannot spill and ruin your computer or your notes if it spills.

Your writing space or workstation should be a place you want to spend time in.  If should bring you joy and be your form of PERSONAL ZEN. Make your space your own and decorate it so that it brings you joy and happiness.

What’s in your writing space? How did you set up your workstation to promote productivity? Post your comments below and let us know!

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