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Zen Art Supplies

Zen Art Supplies is a family run business founded by Ardak Kassenova and located in London, England. A partner with UNICEF, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, Zen Art Supplies donates a portion of each sale to the Art in All of Us project or “AiA” for short. AiA helps to inspire kids all over the world to share their passions through art and promotes tolerance and understanding of their diverse backgrounds.

Bullet Journal B5 Modernista Series Key Features:

  • Soft, Scratch Resistant Cover
  • Dotted Paper (5mm Spacing)
  • Ink Proof Paper
  • Lay Flat Thread Bound Spine
  • 7 inches wide X 10 inches tall
  • 154 Pages with Numbers in Lower Corners
  • 4 Index Pages
  • Stickers for Labeling and Archiving
  • 100 g/mm Ivory Acid Free Paper
  • Expandable Built-in Pocket
  • Rounded Corners
  • 2 Ribbon Bookmarks
  • Vibrant Edge Printed Japanese Motif of Various Designs
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Recyclable
  • 14mm thick
  • 15.7oz weight

First Impression

I ordered this journal from Amazon for $17.95. This particular journal is part of the Modernista Series. There are 5 different journal colors to choose from. Each color has its own unique Japanese edging.

The journal has a soft silky smooth cover with an elastic band to hold the journal closed. The cranes on the edging are very vibrant purple and add a great artistic flair to the journal.

Initially, I wasn’t interested in this journal because of the size. I am used to using an A5 bullet journal (5in X 8.3 in) and have been hesitant in using a different size.

But, now that I have this one, I like this size. There is more room on the page, so I can fit my weekly into one page and my reflection into the other. It works out well for the minimalist spreads that I use in my bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Facebook Group
  • Zesty Lime: Cranes
  • Turquoise: Foxes
  • Lavendar Blue: Dragon Flies
  • Vermillion Orange: Sea Waves
  • French Rose: Plovers in Bamboo

The backing of the front cover and the front of the first page are printed with the Japanese edging on thick matte paper. There is also a page dedicated for the initial cover. On the bottom of the page it says: “Be creative, design your own inner cover.”There are 4 index pages with 26 lines each. In total there are 104 index lines for use. After the index, there are 154 dotted pages with a small number in the bottom left or right side corners respectively.

On the inside of the back cover is an expandable pocket. Inside you will find three items: a sticker sheet, a thank you from the founder and a card welcoming you to the ZenART Supplies family.

In all of the other bullet journals I have bought, and I have bought quite a few over the years, I don’t think I have ever received a thank you card from the founder. There are a lot times when the customer is treated as a number, however it was nice to be thanked for my purchase.

On the back of the thank you card is an introduction to the Zen Art Family. It says pretty much the same as the About Us page on Zen Art’s website.

Click here to check out the Zen Art Supplies About Us Page

The sticker page is glossy and would not work well with gel pens as they would easily smear. There are two dotted labeling stickers with 3 dotted lines each.

Also there are three single dotted lines that would work well for dividing the index into sections. I am not a big fan of using labeling stickers, so I left them out of my bullet journal set up.

Final Thoughts About Zen Art Supplies Bullet Journal B5 Modernista Series

I am anxious to using this new bullet journal. Starting a new bullet journal is always an exciting time. Planning out the spreads you want to include, the style, the pens…..I can be such a stationary nerd at times!

As I progress through the year, I will update this post with information about the wear on the bullet journal through use and I will post some pictures of the ink and ink bleed on the ivory pages. I plan to use many different mediums such as water color, highlighters, pens, color pencils, etc. throughout the year and develop this journal with artistic reflections as well as weekly and monthly spreads.

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