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Are you new to bullet journaling? Or are you browsing for bullet journal ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

\Bullet Journaling is for the list takers, sticky note users, and bullet pointers. It is for the inner nerd who loves organization or for the sporadic spirit who has much to accomplish but as many whims as the wind.

Bullet Journaling is a way to track your personal growth, maximize your talents, and reach new heights. It is a functional tool, but most importantly, it is a lifestyle!

Bullet Journal Lifestyle

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My current bullet journal is the Leuchtturm1917. Coincidentally, this is the original bullet journal. This bullet journal has a durable cover and is easy to throw into my purse when I’m on the run. It also has a pocket in the back where I keep some washi tape and sticky notes.

There are also gratitude journals, bible journals, self-healing journals, personal planning journals, garden journals, fitness journals, and many more.

If you are like me, your bullet journal goes everywhere with you. It sleeps beside your bed, travels in your purse, attends meetings, sits on your desk, goes grocery shopping…..well, you know what I’m talking about.

Your bullet journal is your constant companion. Whether you keep it simple or go all out with doodles and art supplies galore, your bullet journal keeps you focused on what’s important, maintains a record of your productivity, and helps you take consistent strides toward your goals.

The best thing about your bullet journal is that it is customized for you. You design your life one day at a time. The best way to design your bullet journal is to experiment with new spreads and ideas. Experimentation unlocks your bullet journal’s full potential.

Before I started blogging about bullet journals on Life Design by Cynthia, I learned a lot from seasoned bullet journal bloggers. In this post, I wanted to share some of the best personal journal blogs on the internet.

But before we dig in, pin me for later. You will want to come back from time to time for more inspiration.

Below is a list of bullet journal bloggers with ideas and inspiration to add to your own bullet journal. They talk about everything from bullet journal supplies, bullet journal fonts, bullet journal spreads and much, much more.

The bullet journal bloggers listed below get it! They understand what bullet journaling is all about. While you are perusing through the blogs below, keep in mind that these bloggers worked hard to come up with bullet journal blog posts ideas.

Subscribing to their bullet journal newsletter can allow you access to different freebies that you could use in your everyday life planning.

Some freebies include:

  • bullet journal spreads
  • bullet journal planners
  • bullet journal fonts
  • bullet journal ideas

As you will see below in my bullet journal blog examples, all the bullet journal bloggers use the bullet journal method differently. Some are more focused on bullet journal decoration and artwork. Others (much like myself) are minimalist bullet journal blogs, with a heavy focus on the planning method.

Whatever your style, I am sure you will find valuable resources in my bullet journal blog list below to inspire your inner muse and maximize your bullet journal addiction.

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Bullet Journal Art Blogs You Should Follow

Diary of a Journal Planner by Thass and Kirsty. They share tutorials and hope to inspire you with their creative planning and easy to follow doodles instruction.

Journal with Purpose by Helen: Helen focuses on beautifying your journal through the use of many different mediums. Her bullet journal spreads provide inspiration for the art inclined.

Little Coffee Fox by Shelby is one of the first blogs I went on to learn about bullet journaling. The artistic spreads are beautiful and she walks you through how she made them.

Pretty Prints and Paper by Jess: Jess offers classes for improving your bullet journal hand lettering.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Blogs You Should Follow

Bullet Journal Joy by Kim: This blog focuses on easy to follow spreads. The set up is very basic and great for any minimalist looking to add a little organization to their life.

Type B Planner by Gem: This blog has different minimalist spread ideas that are easy to reproduce in your own bullet journal.

Living Between The Lines by Megan features a college based bullet journal system that is great for planning your time quickly as well as organizing your social streams.

Minimal Plan by Claire shares resources that are goal focused. She uses simple spreads to sort our tasks and take leaps toward achieving her goals.

Bullet Journal Time Management and Personal Development Blogs You Should Follow

A Pen and A Purpose by Marlena: This blog focuses on areas of productivity and mindset, using tools such as the bullet journal, Trello, blogging, planning, and journaling.

Boho Berry by Kara: This blog is centered around three main themes. Live Better. Achieve Your Goals. How To Use The Bullet Journal Method.

Elizabeth Journals by Elizabeth has organizational tips, time management and tools for designing a positive life style.

Creative Bullet Journal Blogs You Should Follow

Blossoms and Bullet Journals by Annie: This blog shows a lot of examples for setting up your month. Annie is very creative and uses simple techniques that are easy to follow to glamour your bullet journal.

Square Lime Designs by Christina focuses on uses stickers in her bullet journal rather than drawing out her weeks. She offers a variety of stickers for purchase on her blog.

My Life In Dots by Marieke: This blog has loads of inspiration for the almost-artistic (like me!) Marieke thinks outside the box and tries different bullet journal methods as well as different types of bullet journals to add organization to her life.

Puddleside Musings by Emma: Emma is a yarn loving bullet journalists that keeps it simple. Her spreads are easy to replicate and her ideas are great for any minimalist.

Bullet Journal You Tube Channels You Should Follow

AmandaRachLee by Amanda shows how to set up your bullet journal and also provides themed spread walk throughs.

Caitlin’s Corner by Caitlin: This vlog is all about adulting. Caitlin uses simple artistic designs in her bullet journals and easy to follow instructions for replication.

Rachel Stephen by Rachel: This YouTuber is one of the first that I started to follow. Other than being a published author, Rachel shares her passion for bullet journaling and life management.

The Budget Mom by Kumiko: Kumiko is a licenses financial counselor with a passion for bullet journaling. She will walk you through how to organize your finances and maximize your bank through the use of bullet journal financial spreads.

Instagram Bullet Journal Accounts You Should Follow

Dorin Draws by Dorin is focused on simple artistic design.

Straight Plans by Andrea has a creative approach to bullet journaling. Her designs are beautiful and her page has a lot of bullet journal spread inspiration.

Cheleegraphy by Chenie Ornido Lee is an artist’s blog. Chenie loves quotes and scripture and frequently designs spreads around them.

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Bible Journal Blogs You Should Follow

Hope Dream Journal by Allycia: She says “I want to help others see that you CAN hope more and dream bigger for your life through journaling freely!”

Pinterest Bullet Journal Boards You Should Follow

Bullet Journal Addict by Crystal: She says, “My philosophy is that creativity is like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it enough you lose your creativity. Here on Bullet Journal Addict I motivate you to get creative by providing simple tutorials and new ideas that you can use in your own bullet journal.”

Rae’s Daily Page by Rae: Rae is a bullet journal addict with a love of stationary (I mean—don’t we all just go crazy about stationary!)

My Inner Creative by Nicola: Nicola is a “passionate stationery addict, an overexcited blogger and a lover of everything bullet journal! #bulletjournal #bujo #blogger”

The sites listed above are some of the best bullet journal bloggers I have ever seen. They have transformed their passion in a lifestyle and shared the bullet journal blog ideas with you. They provide a wealth of information about the bullet journal method.

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