Book Review: Stolen by Shadows (Into the Labyrinth Book 1) by Evelyn Avery

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Stolen by Shadows

Author: Evelyn Avery

Main Character(s): The Erlking King & Izzy

First Published: May 2020

Pages: 280

First Sentence: “The Erlking sat on a throne of thorns at the center of his fallen kingdom.

Last Sentence: “But the woman only slashed her hand through the air in a quelling motion, her angry gaze taking both of them in. ‘Where the hell is my daughter?'”

Dreams are the memories of our past lives, not all of which are worth remembering.

Story Line Overview: 

Izzy is just a typical off her meds college student with a passion for theatre. Since young, she would dream of another world full of wonder and fear. She talked about the Erlking and the creatures of this world as if they were real, forcing her aunt Greta to take her to seek professional medical help.

But, Izzy has a knack for theatre and soon learns how to act the way people would expect. Instead of living her dreams, she puts all of her creativity into her plays–developing her casts and production around her living dreams of the man that both terrifies and excites her.

The Erlking king is said to be the most beautiful of all faerie. He rules over his dimension. He and Izzy are stuck in a never ending loop. They would forever be together. In every life time he would find her and possess her. The consequences of not having her would result in the destruction of his world.

Although the Erlking could take what he wants at any time, the faerie have rules to abide by. Izzy has to willingly give herself to him. He cannot take without permission or winning his favor. To win Izzy and have her easily submit to him is the goal. The labyrith is the key. The Erlking sets Izzy on a timed quest to save her friends from their own destruction and to escape the mind-playing, ever changing labyrinth.

The lives of her friends or the savior of the dying world, Izzy will have to figure out what is most important to her and face her dreams head on.

My review:  

This was a good read. The story kept my attention from start to finish without fail. Although there are a few parts of the story where I was scratching my head at Izzy’s actions, for the most part the characterization fit the bill.

I liked the story between the Erlking and Izzy. It is a tragic fairytale unlike anything I have read before. Both dark and alluring, Avery will keep you guessing. From beginning to end, the tie between Izzy and the Erlking is unclear. The attraction is there but the fear outweighs the need.

Overall, I would give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves the Curse of the Gods Series, The Darkest Drae Series, or the The Hades Trials.


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