June Bullet Journal Set Up

June Bullet Journal
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June is the sixth month of the year. It is a time of reflection and redirection. This month you evaluate what you have accomplished, rethink your goals, and plan for next half of the year. But before we begin, don’t forget to pin me!

June Planning

Planning. It is a wonderful thing. I plan for everything! It keeps me focused and organized. I am more productive now than I have ever been before. But, life needs balance. I was reading through Ecclesiastes this month and something King Solomon wrote struck home.

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun….I have seen all the tings that are done under the sun and have found everything to be futile, a pursuit of the wind.” In a nutshell, don’t spend your whole life chasing the wind. You can’t catch it. You can harness its power, and you can never keep it in a jar. Life requires balance. Sometimes that is hard to achieve.

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I balance my life and my time by planning ahead and ensuring I accomplish all the small goals I have set for myself. If you haven’t set goals for yourself or don’t know where to start, check out 7 Steps To Set and Achieve Attainable Goals and, my personal goal plan, Smash Your Goals Usine The Level Ten Lifestyle Method.

Bullet Journal Supplies I Use

Good pens and art supplies are not cheap. Yes, you can go the dollar store and pick some up, but “you get what you pay for”. 

Fine point Sharpie Art Pens are the bomb! Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews, these pens are worth every penny. Plus the case folds back and turns into a handy stand.

I like to keep my spreads simple as you will find out when you scroll below. To add a little color to the pages, I use the Zebra Mildliner Creative Markers. They are great highlighters. I can’t tell you enough how much I love these things! They don’t bleed through the pages and they have dual tips.

For a full list of supplies that I use in my bullet journal as well as a few recommendations: check out the blog post below.

The Best Bullet Journal Supplies on Amazon

The Best Bullet Journal Supplies on Amazon| Bullet journal supplies and page ideas from my journal to your screen!

Monthly Cover Page

Since this month is about reflection and redirection, I don’t want to spend a lot of time striving outwardly toward my goals, but meditating on what my strategy has been thus far and how I plan to proceed in the future. So for June, I turned my bujo into an RPG game with added reflection pages.

Weekly Spreads

The Game of Life Skill Tree


  • Bible Reading
  • Meditation
  • Prayer


  • Eating Right
  • Exercise
  • Cleanliness


  • Self Care
  • Creativity
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Daily Journaling


  • Family Time
  • Relationship


  • Bills
  • No Spend Weeks
  • Side Jobs

Moon Reflection Journal Prompts

I was looking through a few websites and found a few moon reflection prompts that caught my attention. So, I added them into the monthly set up. For reference website: Click Here

Blog Planner

I have a yearly blog planner where I track the hours I spend and the posts I write, but each month, I have a mini planner. This planner helps me to focus on what is important for right now. As the world changes and life evolves, so too does my blog and the direction my blog goes. For example, I didn’t really post a lot in the month of May because I didn’t have anything I really wanted to share. Instead of informational posts, I posted book reviews. You can check them out at Book Reviews by Cynthia.

June’s blog planner is broken down into four categories:

  • Most Important
  • If I Have Time
  • Little Things (An hour or less)
  • Review

Breaking my goals into these four categories makes it easy for me to organize my time. June is garden season for me, so between work, writing (yes, I’m a published author. Snag one of my books for free below), gardening, blogging, and family, my time is stretched thin.

But, let’s get back to that work life balance thing we talked about earlier. My bullet journal helps me to plan out my time so I still have time to spend playing elder scolls online (I’m a bad ass assassin mage with a major healer complex!), going on dates with kids and hubby, and travel planning for vacation.

Mid-Month/End of Month Review

As I do every month, I reflect back at all the steps I have taken and refocus on my main goals. Some of my goals changed as life has changed. The world nearly came to stand still when COVID19 hit. Working in the healthcare field, my regular routines changed drastically. One of my goals was to go out on a date each month with my hubby at a nice restaurant. Needless to say, all restaurants had take out only, and everywhere you went you could see the fear of COVID19. So, we didn’t really leave the house much.

But, every month needs a review. I prefer a blank page when I do my review. This gives me enough room to write out what I have accomplished, any world/life events, and how I feel at that point in time. I update my review page at the end of every week. This way, when it comes to the end of the month I can read about what I have accomplished, reflect and meditate on what I am going to focus on next.

Bullet Journal Facebook Group

June is turning out to be one busy—but balanced—month. I hope this post has inspired you to design a little more creativity into your life and reflect on all the wonderful things you have done thus far.

I would love to see your June bullet journal. Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your bullet journal post as well as your thoughts about this post.

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