Book Review: Air Awakens (Air Awakens Series Book 1) by Elise Kova

Elise Kova
The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Air Awakens (Air Awakens Series Book 1)

Author: Elise Kova

Main Character(s): Vhalla Yarl and Prince Aldrik

First Published: October 2016

Pages: 342

First Sentence: “Summer storms were common in the capital and Vhalla Yarl had endured their visits in the seven years since she had moved from the East, but lightning and thunder were never welcome guests.”

Last Sentence: “They were sending her to war, sh she would go and become something they had every right to fear.”

Now all sorcerers are evil….some are just misunderstood.

Story Line Overview: 

Vhalla Yarl is a commoner with a passion for knowledge and books. When “her” prince gets hurt on the war front, the palace calls upon the librarians to research ways to save him. This starts Vhalla on a path that will change her life forever.

Kidnapped to the tower where the sorcerers live, Vhalla learns she has magic within her. Growing up, Vhalla’s opinion of magic and sorcery was not well formed. With the help of a teacher in the shadows, and lots of hidden notes left in books in the library, Vhalla learns that magic is not something she should fear.

Prince Aldrik is the most powerful sorcerer of the kingdom. Known as the Fire King, he has a bad reputation as dark, dangerous, and hateful. But appearances are not always as they seem. As Vhalla learns more about Aldrik, she discovers there is more to him than first meets the eye. Aldrik awakens her magic. As the first wind walker in over 100 years, Vhalla becomes a target of those who fear and don’t understand the beauty of magic.

Caught in the middle of a war, Vhalla rushes to save her friends, while Aldrik tries to save Vhalla. This unlikely pair are bound in ways that only fate can unravel.

My review:  

This was a wonderfully put together story. I will confess that the cover of the book is what first drew me in, but it was Vhalla’s story and the way she thinks that kept me intrigued. I loved the witty word play between her and the prince through the notes they shared.

The story was well thought out and put together in a way where the world would seem real. Many books write magic in a fantastical way, but Kova wrote it so that magic could be believed and not seen as fictional.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Lux Series, and The Sanctorian Series.


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