March 2020 Mid Month Review (Level 10 Life)

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March. The month when pear trees bloom, blueberries bud, daffodils and crocus pop their heads out of the frozen soil. March is the month where the heater can finally go off (the power bill goes down….woo hoo!) and the window can be opened.

March is the month for the Worm Full Moon. It is when the stars above shine brightly in the crisp early morning air. March is the month for baby chicks and breaking out of the winter blues.

Level 10 Life First Quarter Goals


  • Go on a date once a month—Doug and I haven’t gone out by ourselves this month, but we have going out with the family. We went to NY Pizza in Anderson. The food was good, but I’m not huge on mozzarella cheese. I did love the garlic bread though.
  • Watch a movie together once a month—-we haven’t watched a movie together, but we have watch Avatar the anime. It is my favorite anime…i’m kinda addicted.
  • Go on a vacation together this year…..currently saving up money so we can do this.


  • Go on a date once per quarter with kids—the kids and I went to tropical grille this month. My hubby took his dad out for his birthday so the boys and I had nearly a full day together. It was fun getting out, just the three of us.
  • Go on an outing once per quarter—done! We went to Hendersonville in January.


  • Finish reading the old testament—so far I have read through Psalms Chapter 16. I haven’t been reading as dilligently as I was before. I have had to go to work extra early the past few weeks due to call outs and such. Hopefully this week it won’t be so crazy.
  • Journal, Journal, Journal—I have written in my journal only a few times so far this month, however I have added quite a few spreads to my bullet journal. I am having fun drawing.

2020 Goal List for February

Personal Goals

Make Self Care A Priority—I have taken time for myself on the weekends. This includes meditation and yoga. Also, I was able to get out into the garden and start cleaning out the winter mess. It felt good to work outside with the birds filling the air with their song.

Declutter the bedroom—-I started working on this and made a pretty good dent.

Spend time with family— I went over to my dad’s house after work and had dinner with one night this month. It was great to unwind with a plate of mom’s cooking.

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Blog Goals

Posts for March:

February 2020 Month Review (Level 10 Life)

February 2020 End of Month Review| An inside look at my 2020 goals and my Level 10 Life plan. Plus a glance at my March Bullet Journal setup

Muladhara “The Root Chakra”

Chakras are the 7 divine energies flowing within our bodies at any given time. Balancing your Muladhara is the start to a balanced life.

Writing Goals

  • Work on rewrite for Forbidden— I have definitely decided to rename this book Starborn & The Forbidden String of Fate. It has a nice ring to it. I haven’t worked on it this month so far. I have another vacation week coming up in April. I hope to make some progress by then.
  • Finish editing chapter 4, 5, and 6 of the Repentant Son—nope, not yet.

Shows I’ve Watched

  • Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book started to air this month. I have been waiting on this series since I heard they were going to shoot it. So far, I am 54 episodes in, and I LOVE IT!!!
  • Hey Sensi, Don’t You Know: I just started this drama. Not sure about it yet.

Other Bullets That Weren’t Bullets

Week 11, I didn’t really do a spread for. Work has been extra stressful, so I have slipped back into a semi-state of depression. However, I am determined to pull myself back together. I keep reminding myself not to give my power over my emotions away to others. My emotions are my own.

I am still having fun with Koi fish. The picture above is my week 12 BUJO motivation.

Also, we bought 4 baby chickens this week. I was debating whether to buy chickens or not as I was getting tired of dealing with them. However, my dad bought some, and I just happened to want to pet some, so now we have 4 new golden comets.

In Summary

March has been a very busy month at the hospital. The corona virus has everyone scared of getting sick. Just today, schools in the state of SC have been cancelled until the end of March.

Although, I don’t understand all they hype (the flu has killed more than this virus) I don’t think it’s a bad thing to increase awareness about personal sanitation and keeping yourself safe.

Since I am committed to keeping myself out of depression, the second half of this month I am going to focus on trying to interact more with social media through springtime pictures and spending more time outdoors.

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