Book Review: Braving The Elements by K. F. Breene

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Title of Book:  Braving The Elements (Book 2 of the Darkness Series)

Author: K. F. Breene

Main Character(s): Stefan and Sasha

First Published: March 2014

Pages: 164

First Sentence: “My alarm clock was a flick to the head.”

Last Sentence: “And all the while, the teddy bear was in the back, bouncing around like it was in a jumpy-house, grinning happily—a symbol of the love Stefan and I shared.”

Magic is everywhere. You just have to know where to look to find it.

Story Line Overview: 

Cast into a world of magic, vampire like creatures, and demons who want her to join them, Sasha prepares for battle.

A captive (“Guest”) of Stefan, the leader of her shadow men, she if forced to attend school. Guarded day and night by Charles, they brave the ridicule and face the unknown as an unbreakable team.

Sasha’s powers turn out to be more deadly and destructive than anyone could have imagined. With the ever present threat that the enemy will take Sasha from him, it is up to Stefan to protect her as one of his own. Either as his mate or as a tool for war.

My review:  

Stefan’s character has definitely in the 2nd novella of this series. I can see why Sasha would be drawn toward him. He is like an over grown teddy bear wrapped in scary man clothing.

Charles has also become like Sasha’s big brother. He protects her like he would a member of his family. There were parts of this story that I found hilarious and other parts that dragged on for a bit.

Just like my review on the first novella in the Darkness Series, I would give this novella 4 out of 5 stars. It was an easy read and a quick romance. By the end of this book, I am starting to get a bit bored of the lacking romance between the two leads and the brotherly love relationship between Sasha and Charles.

New characters were introduced, but they didn’t draw me in. The hilarious scenes and Sasha’s blunders as she tried to learn how to control the element on the other hand, had me reeling.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves The Titan’s Saga, The Curse of the Gods, and the Air Awakens Series.

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