Vacation 2019: A Trip To Mechanicsville, Maryland

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Vacation is a wonderful thing, especially if you get to spend it with the people you love. This is the first year in my 15 years at my company where I am able to take two full weeks of vacation at one time. This year the plan is to spend a few days at home, then travel to Maryland, go to the harbor, then up to New York to see Niagra Falls.

It seems like a lot of traveling, but traveling is part of the fun. With a good playlist and a camera ready, my hubby and I set out for Mechanicsville, Maryland.

Preparing For The Trip

There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before leaving the house for a week. Luckily, my mom and sister decided to help. My mom babysat my puppy and my chickens (I only have two) and my sister checked on the cat and the rabbit while we were away.

There were a lot of veggies from the garden that had to be canned before we could leave too. I ended up freezing cucumber slices (I add them to a glass water instead of ice), canning spaghetti sauce and green beans, and jarring up hot pepper sauce. It didn’t take long but it was a lot of work.

The Drive

The drive was long but interesting. I have never traveled to the northern states. Being a southern girl, I tend to stick to my roots. It was very interesting to go up north. The landscapes are a lot different that what I am used to.

We ended up getting off taking a scenic back road that ran parallel with the highway for about thirty or so miles through Richmond, Virginia. It was gorgeous. There were fields of tobacco on both sides of the road and the houses were colonial style.

We stopped off at a gas station to pick up something to drink and got some strange looks from the locals. Doug and I are southern by heart, but I felt like the locals were staring us down as “city folk”.

After many hours, we finally made it to Maryland and went over the Potomac Bridge. I had heard some horror stories about this bridge, mainly related to the height and length of the bridge over the river, but it really wasn’t that bad.

The Amish In Mechanicsville, MD

In South Carolina, it isn’t strange to see someone driving a lawnmower or farm tractor down the road to the nearest gas station. But in Maryland, they have the Amish going down the road.

This is the first time I have seen the Amish. We stayed with my hubby’s uncle in Mechanicsville, which also happens to be next to a large Amish community.

It was nice seeing the women driving the wheeled carts down the road with a load of children in the back. Strange, but memorable.

We pulled into our destination around 6:30pm. After unloading our bags, we loaded up in the van and headed for Obo’s Pizza.

Now, I like a good pizza, but I have never had one as good as the Captain Obo Pizza. It had lobster, garlic, siracha, and feta cheese. It really tasted like the ocean. I loved it!

After the long trip from South Carolina to Maryland, I was ready to crash. We got back to the house around 8 pm or so and I was out like a light. It was a good drive and I had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, we venture to Annapolis, Maryland for some shopping, good eats, and sight seeing.

Have you been to Mechanicsville Maryland before? Or do you want to visit? Tell me in the comments below.

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