Book Review: War (The Four Horsemen Book 2) by Laura Thalassa

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Title of Book:  War (The Four Horsemen Book 2)

Author: Laura Thalassa

Main Character(s): Miriam Elmahdy and War

First Published: July 2019

Pages: 427

First Sentence: “The day starts off like most others. With a nightmare.”

Last Sentence: “His green eyes open and he draws in his first breath in many long years. And then he smiles.”

It really is true what they say. Love can conquer all and defeat the undefeated.

Story Line Overview: 

The four horsemen come to earth signaling the end of days.  The first horseman, Pestilence, has disappeared. Now War, the second horseman, rages across the land on his blood red steed.

Miriam Elmahdy is a survivor. Her brushes with death have scarred her for life—quite literally. She lost her father when Pestilence first appeared and her mother and sister soon after in an explosion.

Living on her own, Miriam is the epitamy of bad ass woman with the drive to survive and dictate her own life. She makes a living making weaponry, mostly bows and arrows. It isn’t ideal, but there is good money in warfare in Jerusalem.

Miriam was going about collecting wood for another set of arrows when she ran into War. Recognizing him for who he is, she draws her bow and fires and arrow. Sure of her impending doom, Miriam is suprised when War claims her as his wife and takes her back to his army camp.

The story continues as War struggles to win Miriam’s affections while still fulfilling his purpose here on earth. Miriam’s soft heart leads her to thwart War at every turn—warning others of the imminent doom War was about to unleash on their cities.

There is a fine line between war and love. Compromise isn’t always easy, especially between two bull headed people set with their own missions and convictions about the continuation of the human race.

My review:  

This story drew me in right from the beginning. It was hard for me to put it down. I love the slow smolder between Miriam and War. He is a true born strategist with little love for humans but she is the essence of human life. One has never experienced emotion while the other has had more than her fair share.

Although the story was slow in some parts, for the most it was a high action adventure cutting straight to the point. There are zombies and religious references written throughout the book that give the reader a deeper look into the tender culture of the Middle East.

I would recommend this story to anyone who loves the Hunger Games, A Court of Thorns & RosesThe Revenant City Series.

This is the 2nd book of The Four Horsemen Series by Laura Thalassa. I posted a review on the 1st book (Pestilence) a while back.

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