Balancing Yin and Yang Energies Within You

Everyone has a certain amount of yin energy and yang energy within them. It is a struggle between the masculine and the feminine, the dominant and the submissive.

Yin: The Feminine Energy Within

Yin is divided into two extremes: the greater yin and the lesser yin. Yin refers to your divine feminine energies. Being feminine, yin energy is nurturing, meditative, intuitive, and awake to our inner senses.

Greater Yin

You embrace your greater yin energy when you embrace the full spirit of feminity. This energy is entirely in tune with your inner senses. Do you ever experience times when you feel strongly that something is going to happen and then later find that it does? Your premonition of the future is linked to a spike of the amount on yin energy in your body.

Premonitions are most prevalent in dreams, hence yin being closely related to the night and lunar cycles. People possessing greater yin often wear their heart on their sleeves. They tend to be emotional and often have times controlling their emotional stability.

People with greater yin energy are considered to be authentic or honest. At times they can seem vulnerable and innocent due to their transparent nature. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and can connect with others quickly. They are graced with social skills although they can lack in leadership qualities.

Valuing the quiet times and taking special care to meditate can help to balance the yin energy in your system. Using a journal is another way to let your emotions flow free releasing the greater yin energy, making it easier for you to cope with the situation at hand.

Lesser Yin

If you contain lesser yin energy, your internal flow is pretty well balanced. Your senses and self-awareness leads you in the right direction and keeps you from straying from your goals. To keep your yin in balance, you may surround yourself with dominant personalities while you strive to focus on achieving your goal.

People with lesser yin energy yearn for safety and security by their surroundings. They surround themselves with enlightened and creative people. Leaning toward the arts, people with lesser yin strive to release their feeling through the work of their hands. Painting. Sculpting. Writing. Cooking.

Protector of the weak, people possessing lesser yin energy stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves even if it puts them into harm’s way. They have a strong nurturing nature and an innate ability to sense the needs to others around them.

To maintain your lesser yin energy, focus on your creativity. Meditation and journaling are also good practices to incorporate into your daily routine. However, balancing alone time and social outings is necessary for keeping your energy in balance.

Yang: The Masculine Energy Within

Yang is divided into two extremes: the greater yang and the lesser yang. Yang refers to your dominant masculine energies. Being masculine, yang is assertive, power seeking, goal oriented, extraverted, and active.

Lesser Yang

Lesser yang energy leads to open-mindedness and a playful heart. People possessing lesser yang tend to be creative dreamers and out of the box thinkers. With their future in mind, they pride themselves on all that they have accomplished.

Although open to many new and different things, people possessing lesser yang set reasonable boundaries and know their limits.

Like a magnet, the positive and active energies from lesser yang draw people in. Using past experiences as a way of coercion, people with lesser yang energy has a way of getting others to stand behind them. Unbound by societal constraints, people possessing lesser yang energy tend to maintain an active lifestyle and focus on finding their work-life balance.

Getting out of the office regularly and actively participating in social interaction with groups will help to keep lesser yang in balance. Trying new hobbies and learning new skills provides an outlet for your creative side.

Greater Yang

People possessing greater yang energy are active and work toward achieving their vision of the future. With dominant personalities, they are natural born leaders.

Quick to solve problems and continually looking for the next big thing, greater yang energy wielders are always hustling. They feel the need to control their environment at all times. They clearly envision their goal and charge full force ahead.

People with greater yang energy are workaholics. They need to continually be working to feel they are making a difference and often find it hard to take time for themselves. They are highly motivated individuals with their life in the fast lane.

People with greater yang energy lean on their own strengths to solve their problems. They may find it hard to rely on others to get the job done. At times they have a tendency to micromanage their subordinates.

To balance greater yang energy, you need to find work that fuels your passion. Doing what you love will breed new energy and stifle boredom. Your winning personality is a beacon to those working around you. Balancing your dominate tendency with delegation and compromise will benefit both you and your team.

Finding balance in your life is a constant struggle. Let your yin energy nurture your spirit and grow your intuitive instincts. Allow your yang energy to fuel your passion and drive you closer to your goals.

What are some ways you have managed to find balance in your life? How do you keep your yin and yang energies from taking control and throwing you out of whack? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your story.

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