The Age of Pisces: A Time of Spiritual Growth and Mental Expansion

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The zodiac has always fascinated me, but I had never fully understood what each constellation signified.

Stars. Celestial bodies. The heavens. The great void. All of these names have been used to describe the night sky. Constellations of stars have shown down upon the earth even before the existence of mankind.

Recently, I have been reading through the Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon as a part of my path of self-discovery. One of the sections in her book, Time By The Stars, has piqued my interest in the formation of the zodiac constellations.

The Pisces Constellation

Pisces is Latin for fish. The Pisces constellation is one of the three water signs within the sphere of the zodiac.

Signs and Qualities of the Zodiac

The zodiac is divided into four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. There are three qualities within each sign of the zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Pisces is considered to be the mutable quality of the water element. It is regarded as the time of “monotheistic views, religious doctrine, and the fish.”

The Time of Pisces

The age of Pisces was roughly between 6 BC to 2006 AD. This age with the birth of Jesus Christ, also known as the “fisher of men.”

The Piscean age was a time of innovation and invention. The “divide and conquer” mentality of the Arian Age shifted to a time of cultural development and religious progression.

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Pisces and the Dual Ruling Planets

Pisces is said to be ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The dual rule is interpreted as man’s struggle to balance the spiritual needs with worldly desires. Neptune represents Pisces’s spiritual growth, fantasies, and dreams. Whereas Jupiter represents Pisces’s desire for worldly possession. Jupiter is associated with curiosity, courage, mental growth, and material ownership.

The most significant Piscean influence at the time can be seen by the growth and spread of Christianity. Christ was born during the March equinox, which coincided with the beginning of the Piscean age. As a man, he demonstrated many of the characteristics of Pisces and is therefore perceived as the archetype of Pisces.

The age of Pisces was a time of faith and sacrifice. Religion dominated society and dictated societal norms. The duality of Pisces can also be seen as through the birth of scientific thought. Science and religion constantly butt heads during the end of the era.

The Formation of the Pisces Constellation

There are many different myths about the formation of the Pisces constellation.

Aphrodite and Eros

In ancient times, gods and monster walked among men. The father of all monsters, Typhon, set out to kill the gods of men. In fear, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros (Cupid) transformed themselves into fish and escaped into the waters of the Euphrates river.

Another myth is that an egg fell into the Euphrates. Two fishes rolled the egg from the mud at the bottom of the river to the edge. A dove sat on the egg and out popped Aphrodite. As a sign of her gratitude for the fishes care and concern, Aphrodite immortalized them in the stars.

Finding The Pisces Constellation Among The Stars

You can find the Pisces constellation near the Great Square of Pegasus in the night sky.

The Pisces constellation is easiest to spot in the night sky during November and December. The constellation resembles the shape of a “V” with a circle at one end.

Pisces: A Time of Spiritual Growth and Mental Expansion

The Age of Pisces is a time of duality between religion and science, a battle we still see in modern society today. Many documentaries try to explain religious doctrine or discredit it through scientific fact.

The Piscean age is a time of civil war. Brother would fight against brother due to their opposing beliefs. Religion was the main topic of choice in the market places as culture centered around the religious doctrine of the time.

Rome was a mighty world power at the beginning of the Piscean age. They expanded their territories into Great Britain, bringing with them the religious doctrines of the Israelites. Many in Rome believed in one God as monotheism was spreading rampantly across the continent.

The Chinese created the Chinese calendar during the Han dynasty who ruled from 206 BC to 220 AD. This is considered to be a golden period in China. Buddhism grew in popularity and spread among the people of China. This incidentally is around the same time the Chinese invented paper and the Chinese calendar.

“A time when

religion meets science.”

The age of Pisces lasted through the year 2006 BC although some believe it lasted up until the great celestial alignment in 12/12/2012.

Settlers found their way across the sea to America and founded the thirteen colonies in the new world. This was an age of scientific growth. Mankind started to wonder if the religious doctrine were correct and asking questions as to where we came from, and are we alone in the universe. These questions spurred thoughts of aliens seeding the earth, Darwinism, and the big bang. This was a time for asking, “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of life?”

My encounter with Pisces was when I realized there was more to life than my job. I became dissatisfied with the same old routine and found that there is a vast world out there waiting for me to discover it. Being a mom of two boys, all I had ever done was work and play mom. Not that this wasn’t good, but what about me? What about my ambitions to do something in my life that I enjoy. God didn’t put us here solely to work and then die. NO. There is a purpose for me to live this life, and I am obligated to find out what it is.

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Pisces Inspires The Question Of Why

The age of Pisces asks “Why.” Why are things the way they are? What is my purpose? Where did I come from? All the questions are spurred from religion meeting science.

As humans, it is an undeniable fact that there are things in our species past that we have lost forever. Our origin itself is unknown to us. We were once sure that our bodies were made from the dust of the earth, but then we became the idea emerged that we were descended from monkies.

Pisces awakens your curiosity to ask why. The time of Pisces is when you ask yourself why things are the way they are, how did they get this way, what direction are you going, what do you want to do with your life? Through your desires, you can find yourself and become the you that you want to be.

What does Pisces mean to you? What happened when you encountered Pisces and started to ask the question why? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear your story. Or maybe you have started to feel the age of Pisces in your life but don’t know where to start.

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