The Age of Cancer: A Time Of Hearth and Home

The Age of Cancer: A Time Of Hearth & Home

Recently, I have been reading through the Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon as a part of my path of self-discovery. Mildon wrote a section called Timeline By The Stars. It follows man’s development from birth (creation) through the present day by comparing the ages of man to the zodiac.

The Cancer Constellation

Cancer is Latin for crab. The Cancer Constellation is one of the three water signs within the sphere of the zodiac.

Signs & Qualities of the Zodiac

The zodiac consists of four signs, air, water, fire, and earth. There are three qualities within each sign of the zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

Cancer is considered to be the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. It is often paired with a crustacean–like a crab. However, ancient Egyptians thought it was more like a scarab.

The Age of Cancer (A.K.A The Cancerian Age)

The Cancer Constellation
The Cancer Constellation

The Cancerian Age began after the Age of Leo. Just like with civilizations, there is no exact time of rise and fall. However, the Cancerian Age is predicted to be between 8006 BC and 6006 BC.

The earth went through a significant transformation during the age of Leo. The ice age had ended, and much of the land that had been covered in ice was then covered in water.

The Cancerian age is also known as the Chalcolithic period or the Copper Age. Man built cities. Trade became popular among the different settlements. Humans domesticated animals and established farms.

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Cancer and the Moon

Moon Deity

Religion also changed. There was a substantial shift from the patriarchial sun god to the matriarchial moon goddess. Many of the female deities were portrayed as pregnant. Women were able to stand next men on equal shores. They were considered a vital part of society and were held on more level ground than during the Age of Leo.

Cancer is said to be ruled by the moon. It makes sense, considering the constellation is tied to the sea. In modern times, scientists have proven that the moon has considerable influence over the ocean’s tides. The Cancerian Age was the period of time when mankind respected Mother Earth.

The Formation Of The Cancer Constellation

There are many different myths about the formation of the Cancer constellation. Among the myths, the story of Hercules’s triumph over the Hydra & the Giant Crab is by far the most popular.

The Hydra, The Giant Crab, and Hercules

If you are to believe in Greek mythology, Hera placed the Cancer Constellation in the sky to memorialize the bravery of a giant crab that faced off with Hercules.

It was no secret that Hera hated Hercules. Who could blame her? Hercules was the bastard son born to her husband Zeus out of wedlock. Hera had cursed Hercules with insanity for a time during which he killed his own two children. After his sanity had been restored, Hercules’s remorse started him on his path of repentance (also known as the twelve labors of Hercules).

In ancient times, Hercules fought against the nine-headed water serpent, the Hydra. The battle lasted for days. Hera became furious and sent a giant crab to help the Hydra to kill Hercules. But the crab didn’t last long. Not long into the battle, Hercules stepped on the shell of the crab and killed it before he killed the Hydra.

Hera placed two constellations in the stars that night. One of which was the Hydra, and the other was the crab.

Finding The Cancer Constellation Among The Stars

Cancer lies between Leo, Gemini, and the Hydra constellation. It is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

The Cancer constellation consists of more than a thousand stars. Alongside the constellation is the Beehive cluster. From here, it looks like a small cloud, but in space, it is made of thousands of stars grouped tightly together.

The Cancer constellation is the hardest to spot in the sky as it is the dimmest of all the zodiacs.

Cancer: A Sign Of Hearth & Home

Everyone goes through stages of life. The age of Leo is a time of rebirth, whereas the age of Cancer is a time for growing deep roots. Cutting out the negative, filling your life with positive development in order to ensure a more stable future, the Cancerian age is a time of hearth and home.

On my path of self-discovery, the time of Cancer was depicted by a change in my daily habits. I changed the food that I ate, started to keep a budget, managed my time through the use of my bullet journal. Everything I did, I did intending to provide myself with a better future.

Cancer: A Time To Grow Deep Roots

The time of Cancer is when your roots run deep and you set yourself up for a better future. What does the age of Cancer mean to you? What happened when you encountered Cancer and started to plant deep roots of your own?

Or maybe you have started to feel the age of Cancer in your life. Maybe you want to change your life but don’t know where to start. It is not easy to go down an unknown path and find yourself among the stars.

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