The Age of Leo: A Time Of Rebirth and Personal Growth

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If legends and myths are to be believed, our histories and our futures are written in the stars.

Recently, I have been reading through the Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon as a part of my path of self-discovery.

One of the chapters that caught my attention was about the Age of Leo.

The Leo Constellation

Leo is Latin for lion (hence the name Leo the Lion). The Leo constellation is one of the three fire signs within the sphere of the zodiac.

Signs and Qualities of the Zodiac

The zodiac consists of four signs, air, water, fire, and earth. There are three qualities within each sign of the zodiac: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Leo is considered to be the fixed quality of the fire zodiac. Leo is considered to spawn creativity and passion.

The Time of Leo

The ice age met its end as the Age of Leo began. The earth started to heat up, and the ice started to melt. This was the time when the woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers began to die off—when the planet would no longer be ruled by the massive herds of animals. Mankind would take over the earth and move to the top of the food chain.

The Age of Leo is said to be between 10,006 BC and 8006 BC. It is also known as the Stone Age or the Mesolithic period. The people of that time worshiped the sun as this was the time when mankind first learned to hunt and harvest crops.

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Leo and The Sun

Leo is said to be ruled by the sun. In Egypt, the constellation Leo crosses paths with the sun during the time of year when the Nile would flood the lands. This was important as the Nile was the life source of ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians even worshiped a lion-like goddess named Sekhmet, the goddess of fire and revenge. She was a daughter of Ra, the sun god.

The Formation of the Leo Constellation

There are many different myths about the formation of the Leo constellation. Among the myths, the story of Hercules’s triumph over the Nemean Lion is by far the most popular.

The Nemean Lion and Hercules

A long time ago, a lion terrorized the people of Nemea, a city outside of Corinth in ancient times. The lion’s skin was made of pure gold and impenetrable by the weapons commonly used by man.

For years, the Nemean Lion hunted the town’s people. Nemea sent its best hunters to kill the lion, but none prevailed. In desperation, the people of Nemea reached out to Hercules for help.

At the time, Hercules was on a path of repentance. It was no secret that Hera hated Hercules. Who could blame her? Hercules was the bastard son born to her husband Zeus out of wedlock.

Hera had cursed Hercules with insanity for a time during which he killed his own two children. After his sanity had been restored, Hercules’s remorse started him on his path of repentance (also known as the twelve labors of Hercules).

Hercules accepted the plea of the Nemean people and set out to kill the lion. He cornered the lion in a cave outside Nemea and fought against it, but his weapons would not penetrate the lion’s skin.

In desperation, Hercules rushed the lion. He grabbed it around the neck and strangled the lion to death.

The Nemean lion was said to have been a pet of Hera, one of her beloved creatures. In her grief, she created the Leo constellation memorializing the love she had for the golden lion.

Finding The Leo Constellation Among The Stars

You can find the Leo constellation to the right of the big dipper in the sky. The Leo constellation consists of a grouping of stars called the sickle, a backward question mark, (Algenubi, Adhaferd, Algieba, and Regulus) and a cluster of three stars in a triangular pattern (Zosma, Chertan, and Denebola).

The Leo constellation is easiest to spot in the night sky starting around the March Equinox (late March) all the way through May. The Leo constellation heralds the coming Spring season, the time of rebirth and new life and graces us with its presence through the summer months.

The Leo constellation moves in a westward pattern from May through October, the growing and harvest season.

Leo: A Sign of Rebirth & Renewal

In Greek and Roman architecture, there are many fountains depicting a lion spewing water across the land. This could be seen as the time of thawing (the glacial ice melting, the end of winter, etc.) or as the time of rebirth (water being the element of life). The water spewing from the mouth of the lion also coincides with the flooding of the Nile river.

The Age of Leo was the birth of humanity’s reign on the earth. It was a time of increased creativity and ingenuity. Mankind started to grow as a race, both in population and intelligence. We left our clubs and caves behind to live in stick built homes.

Leo represents the beginning stage of self-discovery. Rebirth, a renewal of energy, a time when roots form and sink deeply into the earth giving new life.

On my path of self-discovery, the time of Leo was depicted by the start of this blog and the pursuit of my own happiness.

It wasn’t an overnight encounter, but rather a gradual change to my mindset. The presence of Leo slowly crept into my life and gave direction to the purpose of my existence.

Leo Inspires Creativity & Self Discovery

Leo represents the start of something new, a creative mind, the discovery of passions, and hope for a better future. What does Leo mean to you? What happened when you encountered Leo and started down your own path? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear your story. Or maybe you have started to feel the age of Leo in your life but don’t know where to start.

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