The Secret To Blogging For Comments

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You have managed to start a blog. Congratulations CEO.

Now what?

You’ve started a blog, written a few posts and had some traffic (nothing major). Now, what do you do?

A few visitors have seen your posts, but no one is leaving comments or subscribing to your blog.

Blogging for comments isn’t easy. (Believe me, I know.)

Don’t lose your steam over the silence of the crowd.

I know the silence is disheartening. You spend countless hours planning your posts, researching SEO, creating images and promoting on social media, but you still aren’t getting the results you were hoping for.

Learn how to write a blog post that your visitors will want to read and comment on.

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Blogging For Comments | The Secret To Blogger's Success

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What Can You Do To Engage Your Audience?

Draw Your Audience To Your Blog With A Stellar Headline

Have you ever been to a book store and felt overwhelmed by the number of books staring back at you? I know I have. As a published author (yes, I’m published. You can check out my latest book by clicking here), I am a frequent flyer of Barnes and Noble.

Think about the internet like it is a bookstore. Your blog is just one of the millions of books the store shelves. To get the attention of someone browsing the shelves, you need to have an eye-catching cover.

The same idea goes for choosing a headline for your blog post.

My most clicked headline:

I wrote this post with the intention of drawing in more traffic, and you know what? It worked!

Looking at the headline, you may not realize this post is about self-reflection and personal development.

Had I named it differently, let’s say Self Reflection Leads To Personal Development, would you want to click on it? Probably not. But, Get Naked With Yourself, you stop and look at the headline like “What?”

Then bam. Click.

When choosing your headline, choose something that your ideal reader will want to click. You are not a boring textbook so don’t portray your posts that way.

There are a few headlines that seem to work better than others.


Everyone wants to learn the secret to life. Even if you don’t gossip, if you see a headline that claims to tell you the secret (i.e. The Secret To Cutting Your Grocery Bill In Half) don’t you want to click on it.

Call To Action

You need headlines that will entice your reader. Headlines such as “Try this!” or “Check This Out” work well. They leave you wondering what “This” is.


People like lists. They provide a quick set of facts when you are in a hurry and don’t want to peruse through endless paragraphs. Posts like 5 Self Development Blogs You Need To Follow Today works very well when searching on Google and Pinterest.

#1 Biggest Tip For A New Blogger

Format your posts to make them easy to read.

Using short paragraphs helps the reader to move through your posts quickly. Their eyes will keep rolling through your sentences, and they will read more of what you have written.

Let’s face it.

80% of what you have written will go unread.

The average reader scans through blog posts like they are scanning through the pages of a magazine. Very rarely will you come across someone who will read everything you have written word for word.

Keeping your paragraphs one to two sentences long will help to retain your readers focus and increase your chances of having your post read in its entirety.

Promote Your Posts

Let’s put the cards on the table.

The real reason no one is reading your post is that they have no idea your post exists.

Established bloggers don’t have to promote as much because they have already done the grunt work and built their brand’s platform.

You, however, are a newbie and need to promote the hell out of your post.


Because you worked hard to write it. That’s why.

Once you have established your own reader following, you won’t have to work so hard to get the word out. But for now, you need to work your tail off and let people know what you have to offer.

This means going to Facebook groups, tweeting, and pinning (using Tailwind, of course) the crap out of your post.

Make It Easy For Your Readers To Leave A Comment

Have you ever been on a blog and wanted to leave a comment, but the blog wouldn’t allow you to unless you logged in or had a user name.

Been there. Done that.

I don’t like commenting on sites that require me to log in.

Keep it simple. People like simple.

Remember, the easier the better.

More Traffic Equals More Comments

The only way to get comments is to have your audience read your post.

Point blank.

Creating insightful content is the best way to get traffic to your blog. Your posts need to be well thought out and help your reader in some way.

Think about the blogs you read on a consistent basis. What keeps you going back to them? What is it that draws you to their content?

This is what you should be looking for in your own blog.

If your post sucks, you won’t get comments. End of story.

Your readers are your customers. They are coming to you with a problem and looking for an answer. If you can’t provide them with a clear solution, they most likely won’t comment and won’t revisit your blog.

Develop Your Writer’s Voice

Your voice is the most memorable piece of your post.

Developing your voice takes time, but once you find it, your blog will benefit all the more.

Be personal when writing and spice up your writing style.

Lousy grammar, misspelled words, and issues like this can be an instant turn off to your reader.

If you struggle in this area, I suggest using Grammarly or having someone proofread your posts before you publish them.

You have valuable information to share with the world. Don’t let your hard work go to waste over a few grammar mistakes.

Design Your Blog With Your Reader In Mind

If your blog isn’t easy to navigate, you may be missing out on potential readers.

Design matters. You need to pick a good one.

If you went into a grocery store to buy eggs, but you couldn’t find the eggs, you would assume the store didn’t have any. You would then leave and go to a different store.

Your blog’s design needs to highlight the different parts of your niche using the menus and submenus.

Be Shameless And Ask For Comments

Throw your embarrassment out the window. You are here because you want to increase the comments on your blog.

Are you asking for comments?

There is nothing wrong with putting a blub beside your call to action at the end of your post and asking your reader for feedback.

You are not begging. You are merely asking for a discussion about the information you have stored in your post.

You get evaluated at work at least once a year right?

Tell your reader that you are looking for comments and want to discuss your post with them.

Entice Your Reader By Calling Them Into Action

Ask A Leading Question

If you write a question that can be answered with a yes or a no, then you are searching for a yes or a no style answer.

If you want an excellent comment—not just a “good post”— ask a leading question that would entice your reader to answer.

Raise An Issue

You can always comment on your own blog and start the discussion yourself.

Answer your own call to action and see if your readers respond.

This is one sure fire way to at least start the conversation.

Let You Reader Know That Their Input Is Valuable

Respond when a comment is given.

Welcome your reader’s perspective and insight. Remember to thank them for taking their valuable time to respond to your post.

Be polite!

Leave Comments On The Blogs You Read

Are you leaving comments on the blogs you read?

Some readers skip to the bottom of the blog post and look directly at the comments before they read a single word of what you have written.

Commenting on other blogs is an excellent way to get traffic to your own blog.

Don’t go fishing for comments unless you are actively leaving comments yourself.

You work hard on your content. The writers of the blogs you read work hard on their content too.

Your comments should be more than “great post” or “very insightful.”

Make your comment meaningful and build a relationship with the bloggers you regularly stalk online.


Blogging for comments is like fishing in the Arctic unless you take advantage of the tips I have shared with you today.

I am sure that you have found a few ways of getting comments that I haven’t mentioned above.

I would love to hear about your experiences and how you have found success OR maybe you haven’t been successful yet but are going to try some of the methods I have mentioned.

I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and let me know about your “wins” with blogging for comments.

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