A Month in Review: March 2019

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Bird Song & The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass: Spring is here!

Spring has sprung and another month has come to pass.

It’s once again time to reflect on all that has happened and plan for what is to come.

Revisit My 2019 Goals

Journal Daily

I have honestly skipped a few days (more than a few days) this month. Work has taken over my life and my balance has been thrown off whack.

But when you fall off the wagon, you have to pick yourself right back up, dust off your knees, and jump right back on.

Keep a positive mindset

I was positive for most of the month. It was hard to keep a smile toward the end.

“Smile through it” became my daily mantra.

My home life was great! I was able to spend lots of time with the family.

Read through the Bible in one year

I finished reading Deuteronomy and haven’t started Joshua yet. Reading through the first five books of the bible and connecting with the story of Moses has inspired me to write another book (30 Days To A Radiant Life or Radiant —I haven’t decided on the title as of yet.)

Instead of writing this book in Word, I have decided to write in Canva. This is a first for me, and I am excited to see the outcome.

Publish four novels

Editing of The Repentant Son is 25% complete.

Outline of The Sanctorian Series Rewrite is 45% complete.

Outline for Radiant is 20% complete.

Read 25 books

I didn’t have any time to read this month. Still only have 1 out of 25 books knocked off this list.

Spend time outside at least twice a week

The weather has started to warm up outside and I was able to sit and listen the birds while I worked.

I even bought a new sun umbrella for the deck. The kids and I were able to eat lunch outside several times, and I was able to let the chickens out for exercise.

Wake up at 4am daily

Waking up at 4 AM has gotten easier. I don’t feel tired until around 5 PM or 6 PM in the afternoon now. Also, I have been able to get most of my blogging done during this quiet time in the morning.

Shows I Have Watched

  • I Will Never Let You Go
  • Good Bye My Princess
  • Clean With Passion For Now
  • How To Train A Dragon: The Hidden World
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • Finding God by Morgan Freeman

Favorite Quote of the Month:

“You will be blessed when you go in and blessed when you go out.”

Deuteronomy 28:6


Blog Posts

Posted every 3 days meeting my goal for the month.

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Get Naked With Yourself! (Self Reflection and Personal Growth)


Website Traffic (Visitors/Views)Goal: 318 Actual: 393 with 560 Views
Blog SubscribersUp by 18
Email SubscribersUp by 1
Pinterest FollowersUp by 33
Twitter FollowersUp by 5 (And I wasn’t Active!)
Facebook FollowersUp by 1


  • Saved money shopping on Amazon Prime Pantry
  • Uploaded all my receipts to Walmart Savings Catcher
  • Filed Taxes and got back more than I thought I would

Income Report

Book Sales$0.00
Affiliate Marketing$0.38
Total Income$0.38

Looking Ahead At April

Small steps are still steps.

I read a post about blogging too frequently and it really struck home. All of my blog posts are full of valuable information that takes me hours to put together. Since January 1st, I have posted a blog (2000+words) every 3 days.

Starting in April, I will change my focus and post only once a week. The rest of my time I will spend promoting that post and focusing on building my media presence.

This change in strategy may hurt my traffic, but it may also help to increase it. I will let you know the results at the end of April.

Hobby enthusiast with a passion for bullet journaling. Hi! I'm Cynthia-mother of two tweens and founder of CynthiaBrandel.com. Click through to read my story.

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