3 Bullet Journal Attempts And What I Learned From Them

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A bullet journal is a good tool to use when you want to organize your life but you don’t know where to start. Outside of family and work, I pursue my dream of becoming a full-time writer. I have always used spiral notebooks to keep my notes in or write out my ideas. Over the years, it has become a habit to use a journal. It wasn’t until November of 2018 that I first used a bullet journal.

My First Experience

As with all things, when it’s new it is exciting. I tend to go all out when there is something I am interested in. The same happened with my November bullet journal. I participated in NaNoWriMo and wanted to keep a bujo to help organize my time. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well. It wasn’t that the bujo didn’t help, but more so that life hit. I’d spent hours of my time developing this wonderful tool and then was too busy to use it.

The Second Time Around

In December, I tried again. This time I put in fewer pages (really, it was like half of what I’d done in November). I used my bujo more than I had in November but I still felt that I wasn’t fully embracing the bujo lifestyle. My bujo notebook had slowly developed into another writing journal. This wasn’t the result that I was looking for.

My Third Attempt

For January, I decided to buy a dot journal and try again. So far, this has worked the best. I have created the general pages and then added some weekly spreads. I still don’t like the layout I used and plan on changing how I track my habits for February.

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What I Have Discovered After Using A Bullet Journal

  • Although I’d felt productive before, I now realize I was not as productive as I’d thought. My writing goals would start off strong at the beginning of the month and then fall off during the last part of the month.
  • I also discovered that I have more unhappy and overwhelmed days than happy days. This is a problem for me that I am actively trying to change.

One of my goals for 2019 is to make memories and keep a positive mentality. Being creative makes me a happier person. Creating pages and expressing myself through my artistic abilities (as awful as they are) is one way that I can de-stress and refocus on what is most important in my life. I look forward to seeing how much I have grown by the time December rolls around. A new year means a new beginning. I hope that through my efforts to try and organize my life and track my moods that I will actively fight against my depression and live a happier life. Writing is my passion. My bujo is helping me find the time to focus on my passion and develop my skills as a writer.

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