Book Review: Everless by Sara Holland

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Everless

Author: Sara Holland

Main Character(s): Jules, Roan, and Liam

First Published: January 2018

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages:  364 pages

First Sentence: “Most people find the forest frightening, believing the old tales of fairies who will freeze the time in your blood, or witches who can spill your years out over the snow with only a whisper.”

Last Sentence: “Then I turn my back on him and walk into the night, the past weighing heavily on my shoulders, toward a future as wild and unknowable as my own heart.”

Tag Line:  Time is a prison.  She is the key.

Story Line Overview:

In a world ruled by time and time created through blood, Jules must find a means to survive.  Once an upper-class servant, the daughter of the blacksmith, Jules hides from the Gerling family—mainly from Liam.  After her father squanders away his time, Jules must find a way to save him.

She decides to take a chance and become a Gerling servant once again.  Although she tries to stay under the radar, her attempts are feeble, and she is soon found by her childhood friend and her foe.  Jules is thrown into a precarious situation where her life is not what it seems, her past more important than she knows, and a secret others are trying to protect her from.

My review: 

What drew me to this story wasn’t the story line—I’d guessed what was going to happen a few times before it actually did.  No.  What drew me in was the fluency of Holland’s prose.  The way she differs her sentence structure and the way she uses words was mesmerizing.  Although the story had a good plot, there were no unsuspecting twists or turns.  The suspense was minimal and the love interest sheer to none.  This story was about revenge and one girl’s struggle to learn the truth.

I would recommend this novel for anyone who loves A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Sanctorian Series, and The La Croix Chronicles.

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