Bullet Journal Series: How To Create A Bullet Journal

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Hi! Welcome to the second post in the Bullet Journal Series.

Your time is valuable. Therefore, I won’t waste it with a lengthy introduction.

Let’s Get Started!

How To Make Your First Bullet Journal | Looking for a way to organize your life? Look no further. This posts will walk you through the steps to creating your first bullet journal. Click through to learn more.

Let’s Review:

In the first post of the bullet journal series, you learned about the many benefits of keeping a journal.

Here is a brief summary:

The bullet journal method was created by Ryder Carroll (you can preview his book for free later in this post).

The theology behind bullet journaling is to live an intentional life.

A bullet journal is designed to add order to your life and to increase your productivity. It also helps you to keep a constant focus on your goals.

What? You haven’t set any goals this year!

What are you working toward if not a goal? Don’t worry. It’s not too late to set your goals and start working toward a BETTER YOU!

Don’t know where to start?

Click the image below to learn the Easy Steps to Setting Goals

7 Easy Steps To Setting Goals | Don't have any goals? Or do you find yourself working toward a goal with no success? Look no further. Here are 7 easy steps to setting and achieving attainable goals. Click through to read more.

Creating A Bullet Journal Is As Easy As 1-2-3

All you need is a notebook, some art supplies & a little bit of time.

There are countless things you can keep within the pages of a bullet journal. The sky is the limit when it comes down to how creative you can be.

If you are too busy to create your own bullet journal, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Click below to gain Unlimited Access to the Library of Freebies.

Snag your free bullet journal spreads along with other worksheets designed to make your life more organized and efficient. Skyrocket your productivity and live the life you long to live. Click through to learn more.

The library has spreads and worksheet designed to make your life easier.

Decide On The Right Size & Type of Journal

There are many things to think about before you put pen to paper.

First off, you need to decide on the type of journal you want to use and the size that would best meet your needs.

When I first started keeping a bullet journal, I used a one subject notebook that I had bought at the dollar store.

I was hyped at first, and the notebook worked out well, but over time I stopped using it. Why?

For many reasons–the main one being that the notebook was too big and not portable.

I would store it inside the top drawer of the bedside table. It was out of sight and out of mind.

Of course, I could have chosen something like the journaling set below and I might have had more success.

Bullet Journal Kit Starter Set – A5 Dotted Spiral Notebook – 12 Fineliner Pens – 12 Stencils – Best for Bullet Journaling – Bujo Journal Planner Set – by Hieno Supplies

There are all types and sizes of journals to choose from.

You could use a three-ring binder or a spiral bound notebook. There are also grid journals and dot journals to consider.

Here are a few journals of good quality that might interest you.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars and over 180 reviews, this bullet journal by Newestor is both durable and portable. This journal is available in either dot or graph format.

(Set of 3) A5 Dotted Notebook/Travel Journal – 5.5 x 8.25 Dot Grid Paper for Bullet Journaling, Total 120 Sheets/240 Pages, Black/White/Kraft Brown Cover

This journal by Peter Pauper Press is rated 5 out of 5 stars. With a hardcover and pockets located along the back cover, this journal is great for anything from work to school.

Nevertheless, She Persisted Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size

Want a full-size journal? Here’s an excellent find by New Day Journals. With a soft cover and an elegant floral design, this journal would be great for the busy mom.

Dot Grid Journal – Dotted Notebook, 8.5 x 11: Floral Softcover, Faux Gold Glitter on Purple (Flower Journal)

What’s the point in creating a journal if you aren’t going to use it?

I prefer a smaller journal I can keep in my purse so I can access it at any time of the day. I also prefer a leather-bound journal rather than a paper-bound journal.

Paper bends easily and is not as durable as leather.

Still, haven’t found the right journal for you? Here is one more that I have personally enjoyed!

The Dingbats Wildlife Dot Journal

I’m a nerd when it comes to elephants!

Dingbats Wildlife Medium A5+ (6.3 x 8.5) Hardcover Notebook – PU Leather, Perforated 100gsm Cream Pages, Pocket, Elastic Closure, Pen Holder, Bookmark (Dot Grid, Grey Elephant)

This journal was well designed. It is easily portable and made with durable material.

This journal is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 600 reviews!

You are going to use the journal you choose over the course of a few months—maybe even a year. Spend a few extra dollars now and get something that won’t break on you later. Quality is key!

Choose The Right Supplies

Good pens and art supplies are not cheap.

Yes, you can go the dollar store and pick some up, but “you get what you pay for”. 

Not all pens are created equal!

Remember that some pens and markers will bleed, so choose your mediums wisely.

Here are a few pens that I have used that worked well.

Fine point Sharpie Art Pens are the bomb! Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews, these pens are worth every penny. Plus the case folds back and turns into a handy stand.

, Sharpie Art Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, Hard Case, 12 Pack (1982057)

These pins by Tanmit offer a dual point and work well for the avid doodler. They are rated 4 out of 5 stars with over 380 reviews.

Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens, Tanmit 0.4 Fine Tip Markers & Brush Highlighter Pen Set of 36 for Bullet Journal Adults Coloring Book Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project

These dual pointed brush pens from Tombow beat everything else out of the water! With over 3,700 reviews they are highly rated and great for drawing. The colors are blendable and vibrant!

Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers

Other Supplies To Consider

I have also used magazine clippings, sticky notes, stickers, and washi tape as well. You can buy most items at the dollar store for cheap. However, please keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Washi Masking Tape Set of 36 Rolls, Decorative Masking Tape Collection, Colorful Tape Decorate for DIY Crafts, Festival Gift Wrapping ,Office Party Supplies, Christmas, Lamp, Cards, Scrapbook

If you prefer to use stickers and stencils, this set by Wonderful Washi should do the trick.

Bullet Journal Supplies Kit (32 Pieces) – x20 Sheets of Planner Stickers, x6 Stencil Sheets, x1 Booklet of Sticky Notes, x5 Thin washi Tape Rolls – Perfect kit to Make Cute Planners and Organizers

The Bullet Journal Stencil Kit by MaleDen is a great deal! Just for the pens alone, you are getting a steal.

Bullet Journal Stencil Kit, MaleDen 24 Colored Fine Tip Markers Planner Pens with 12 Journaling Stencils Set for Notebook Diary Calendar Scrapbook Supplies

Plan Your Pages

Unless you are going to use a three ring binder or something similar, you are going to be stuck with the order you put your pages in.

This means, once it’s on paper, you have to live with it or redo it.

Pages you should include in your bullet journal are:

There are lots of pages you can include in your bullet journal, but there are a few pages that every bullet journal must have.

Click the image below to read about them.

What To Include In Your Bullet Journal | Do you have a bullet journal but don't know what you want to put in it. There are so many ideas floating around the internet that it seems a bit overwhelming. This post takes the stress out of deciding and breaks down the bare essentials you need in your bullet journal.

My point: Plan your pages & the order you want to put them in before you put pen to paper.

Not Sure If Using A Bullet Journal Is Right For You?

If you still haven’t made up your mind whether using a bullet journal is right for you, check out the rest of the Bullet Journal Series.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Now that you know what pages you want to include and in what order you want them to go, it is time to have some fun. Gather your art supplies, turn on some relaxing music and start creating.

Pages From My Bullet Journal

To see more pages from my bullet journal and gain unlimited access to the Library of Freebies, click here>>>>>

If you discover you don’t use all the pages you’ve included in your bullet journal one month, then leave those pages out on the next month.

Personalize your bullet journal to fit your needs.

Pinterest is also a great place to find more inspiration and page designs.

Where Did The Bullet Journal Method Come From?

The Bullet Journal Method was written by Ryder Carroll and published in October 2018.

Since then, the bullet journaling method has moved into the spotlight!

“Intentional living” is the main theme behind Ryder’s organizational method.

Preview Ryder Carroll’s Book For FREE Below

It’s time to open your mind and get creative!

Journaling is beneficial for your mental health and can help to add some organization to your life.

Make it a daily habit, and you can reap the reward of managing your time wisely, increasing your productivity, improved focus, and self-awareness.

To learn more, read 5 Habits of Successful Journaling.

Hobby enthusiast with a passion for bullet journaling. Hi! I'm Cynthia-mother of two tweens and founder of CynthiaBrandel.com. Click through to read my story.

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