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Hi! Welcome to the first post in the Bullet Journal Series. This series is intended to awaken your inner muse and inspire your creativity.

Bullet Journaling is for the list takers, sticky note users, and bullet pointers. It is for the inner nerd who loves organization or for the sporadic spirit who has much to accomplish but as many whims as the wind.

Bullet Journaling is a way to track your personal growth, maximize your talents, and reach new heights. It is a functional tool, but most importantly, it is a lifestyle!

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My Goal List

“A new year means a new opportunity to reinvent yourself and design the life you desire.”

My #1 goal for this year is to keep a bullet journal and to write in it daily.

Benefits Of Keeping A Bullet Journal

The number one benefit you will gain from using a bullet journal is a drastic reduction in the amount of stress you are under.  Putting your thoughts on paper gives you a new perspective on the problems you face each and every day.

Your journal provides you with a place where you can brainstorm and come up with multiple solutions to the challenges you are facing in your life.  Journaling is a fantastic way to see all of your options and then decide which road you should take.  Only by looking at the bigger picture and weighing out your choices can you determine the right path you should choose.

Emotional healing is another benefit you will gain from keeping a bullet journal.  Too many people lack someone they can talk with or someone they feel comfortable with to discuss their problems.  Some of the issues you face are embarrassing. Journaling can help you work through the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. 

There are many ways you can use your bullet journal to improve your emotional health: tracking your moods, keeping a gratitude log, planning your day to avoid unnecessary stresses, affirmations, etc.  The list could on and on, but you get the picture. Writing your fears, worries, and doubts on paper helps to relieve the stress you are under.

After you have written down your thoughts and troubles, you can look at your problems with fresh eyes and gain a sense of direction and renewed purpose.  Tracking your moods, using a gratitude log daily, and planning out your day will help you to determine what aspects of your life you need to change.

Your lifestyle is your choice.  Live intentionally.

You can also use your journal to discover new things about yourself that you may not have known.  Self-reflection prompts are an excellent way to do this. No one is perfect. There will always be something new for you to learn about yourself.  Journaling can help you to discover your imperfections as well as your more amiable qualities.  Once you have identified your shortcomings, you can implement a self-improvement plan and work toward achieving a work-life balance.

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What Are The Benefits of Using A Bullet Journal?

Ways To Use Your Bullet Journal To Improve Your Emotional Health

Self Improvement Blogs

If you are interested in improving your life, but you don’t know where to start, check out Self Improvement: The Way To Live Intentionally

There are also lots of blogs (like this one) dedicated to self improvement and helping you find balance in your life.

Clarity of Mind

Do you ever feel like your brain is cluttered? I know I have.

Using my bullet journal, I “brain dump” all the clutter and the junk onto the pages and get them out of my head.

You can do this too.

Tips To Clear The Junk Out Of Your Brain

  • Cut away the negative influences in your life.
  • Focus on what’s important.
  • Use a daily gratitude log. (Click here to snag my free template)
  • Let go of the things you can’t control.

The three main methods I use to achieve clarity of mind are meditation, self reflection, and the morning pages.

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Reasons Why You Should You Start Using A Bullet Journal?

There are so many reasons why a journal can be helpful. Other than the reasons mentioned above, here are a few more:

What Types of Bullet Journals Are There?

There are many different types of journals that you could keep.

I have two journals: a writing journal for thoughts related to my latest novel and a bullet journal for my daily life.

There are also gratitude journals, bible journals, self-healing journals, personal planning journals, garden journals, fitness journals, and many more.

Where Did The Bullet Journal Method Originate From?

The bullet journal method was written by Ryder Carroll (see a FREE Preview of his book below).

If you haven’t checked out what bullet journaling is all about and how using one will improve your life, I urge you to continue reading through the bullet journal series.

Not only can living an intentional and organized life change your future, but it also will enrich your soul.

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Bullet Journal Inspiration

A journal is much more than just a diary.

When you think of the word “diary”, do you think of a book where you record your string of consciousness?

A journal is so much more than that. Here is a short list of the uses of a journal.

  • Tracking your finances
  • Setting goals
  • Keeping a TBR list
  • Menu planning
  • Drawings/Doodles
  • Favorite quotes or words of inspiration that you have stumbled across
  • Tracking your moods
  • Tracking menstruation
  • Planning for upcoming events
  • Social media planner

The list goes on and on!

Your journal can be so much more than a record of your memories. Of course, if you are only interested in keeping a traditional journal, there is nothing wrong with that. However, I prefer to keep a journal that is functional on multiple levels.

A journal is a place where you can dump all the junk clouding your brain. It helps you to keep my focus on what is most important in your life.

Journaling Through A New Year | This post covers the benefits you receive from journaling as well as several example of how you can effectively use your journal.

Your journal is personal.

It doesn’t matter if it is the prettiest thing you have ever created or the ugliest as long as it serves its purpose and adds meaning to your life.

How Often Should You Write In Your Bullet Journal?

You won’t get any real benefit out of keeping a journal if you only use it every few weeks or once a month. If you want to reap the fruits of journaling, then you need to use it at a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week.

Make journaling a habit. Find a rhythm that works for you.

Start small with reasonable and realistic journaling goals and then go from there. Set a reminder on your phone and put aside some quiet time where you can focus without distractions.

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