2018: A Year in Review

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2018 is nearly gone. At the end of the year, it is time to reflect on the things that have happened during this time. To start, i know that i am not the same person that i was in January of 2018. I have grown as an individual.

2018 Was A Year Of Firsts

February 2018 was the birth of this blog. I’ve never blogged before or tried my hand at designing a website of my own. I’ve written posts about anything and everything that has come to mind. Overall, I think I have been mildly successful. If you think about it, there are countless sites on the internet. For 898 people to stumble across mine and take the time to read what I wrote, it is humbling.

I have published four novels and an authors guide book. Although I am not thrilled with how my first series has turned out, I plan on rewriting it in 2019. For a first time author, I feel that I have done well and have improved my skills. I have learned a lot this year about writing and what it means to be an author. Writing with the intention of publishing is a hard task that requires perseverance and dedication.

I have posted 17 book reviews (although I’ve read more than 17 this year). My favorite series of the year would have to be the Curse of the Gods by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve. I stayed up countless nights reading this series as I was completely enthralled by their writing style and the simplistic nature of the characters within the story.

I have started a new feature on my blog to help other new authors get the word out about their works. This have been very rewarding for me as I feel that authors should help other authors. No matter what an author writes, there is a reader out there that will appreciate their work.

This year I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time. Although I didn’t win NaNoWriMo, I feel that I’ve still achieved a great accomplishment. I wrote nearly 35,000 words in the span of 30 days. My latest work, The Repentant Son, that I started in November is still not complete, but I have not given up hope on it yet.

Life Outside of Writing

Work life has been very stressful this year. The year started out hard. My boss was away for more than a month, and I had to fill in and carry her burden as well as my own. I guess you could say that my role as an office manager was actually closer to the role of an assistant director. In April, I took on the task of accepting the Retail Manager position for all of our accounts in the Greenville area. Talk about stress. I didn’t lose any of my previous responsibilities but added on a ton more. In December 2018, my boss retired. As changes occur, I find it harder to make time to do the things I love—like writing. God only gave us one life to live. I don’t want to spend mine doing something simply because it pays the bills. I want to live my life doing what I love and loving what I do.

I have listened to countless hours of KPOP during 2018. I just love it! My favorite album of the year is Love and Fall by Bobby. My favorite song, however, is still Monster by EXO although their new song Love Shot comes in at a close second with Ikon’s Love Scenario in third place. I have also discovered that I like several indie artists. Our Last Night is the number one group on that list.

Over the year, my kids and I have grown closer. I have suffered from depression for the last few years. It is a struggle to get out of bed some days. This year, I signed my oldest son up for football with the middle school. Getting out of the house and going to his games has been the best medicine for me. Watching him do what he loves gives me great joy and has helped me to fight against my daily struggle with depression.

My boys and I managed to make a decent sized garden this year. We canned enough tomatoes and jelly to last a few months and had a lot of fun setting up the grape vines in the backyard. My first harvest of grapes came in and I even made some homemade wine (which turned out great!!!!). Mom and I even had a contest to see who could produce the better wine. Mine was made grapes and hers with muscadines and elderberries. Both wines came out great. We popped the corks on Thanksgiving to share them with everyone.

Changes In Taste, Fashion, and Lifestyle

Over the year, my fashion has changed. I’ve always been a bluejeans and t-shirt kind of girl. But this year, I have discovered a love for dresses and leggings. I have thrown out more than half of my wardrobe and replaced it with knee length dresses. Other than my clothes I have found that my taste buds have changed too. I tend to lean more toward green tea then white tea, coffee than energy drinks, and cabernet more than a sweet white. Oh, I forgot the whiskey. I have developed a fondness for Bird Dog blackberry whiskey and Christian Brothers Honey Brandy. What can I say? I do love a good nightcap before bed in the evenings. I’ve lost 20-30 pounds through diet and exercise, going from a size 18 to a size 14. My cravings have been more towards Asian food rather than Mexican food. I’ve also developed a taste for tofu and edamame.


I’ve watched a lot of dramas this year. Some of my favorites were (in no particular order)

  • Goblin
  • The Princess Agents
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Suspicious Partner
  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

My most favorite drama of this year would probably be Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey. I watched it religiously every week when it first aired on Viki. I loved the storyline and how it interlaced an unlikely romance with magic and mysticism.

Closing Remarks

2018 has been a year of firsts. I have changed my priorities and restructured myself toward my own happiness. I’ve achieved some major accomplishments. Looking back at the year and all that has happened has made me realize all the good that has come along in my life. I feel greatly blessed and am thankful for all the wonderful joys that have come my way. 2018 is over and 2019 has just begun. I wonder will happen in the year to come and what others changes will occur in my life. Looking forward to starting the new year and feeling blessed at having made it through the last one.

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