December Bullet Journal

I’d never used a bullet journal before November.  That was the first month I tried to use one and for the most part, it went well.  I followed Rachel Stephen’s method for creating a bullet journal and found some of the pages useful—others, not so much. 

Today, I set up my bullet journal for December.  The point in having a bullet journal is to create a useful tool that can help me keep myself organized in some shape or form.  

New Month, New Day, New Date, New Chapter, New Page, New Withes!  Welcome December!

December Calendar

Between work, home, and kids, my calendar can get a bit full.  As the month goes along, I will use this calendar and fill it up with all the holiday parties and school concerts that are happening this month.  I am not a great artist, but I did have fun drawing these snowflakes.  

Probably like a lot of people this time of year, the bills start to add up.  Keeping a monthly budget, and ensuring that everything is getting paid on time is important.  My bullet journal will help me do that.  I can check off the bills as I pay them and stay on track with my finances.  

Tracking daily habits is also a good idea.  I can compare my moods with what I did that day and make changes to my daily life in order to maintain a happy existence.  God didn’t put us here to work non stop all day every day.  We are supposed to rest and enjoy the life he has given us too.

With the holiday season comes the task of sending out gift cards and buying gifts for family and friends.  I added two pages to help me keep track of this.  I have a large family and sometimes it can be a daunting task to figure out who is left to buy for.

  As a writer, I consistently try to add to my blog.  I’ve noticed that I do alright up through about the middle of the month, but after that, I tend to not post as much.  For the December, I’ve decided to try and post only three times per week, instead of everyday.  This way I can spend more time on my WIP rather than on my blog.  

A Writer Writes!  Think About Why You Started Writing In The First Place.

Writing goals are important in meeting my timelines. When I get discouraged, I think about the reason I am actively trying to establish my career as a writer.  

And finally I added a spot for daily wandering.  Now, you might be asking yourself “what is this?”  Well, I didn’t want to limit myself by calling this a journal.  This is where i can journal my word count, write what was good or frustrating, and where i can just be spontaneous with my thoughts.  I am very close to finishing my WIP, but there are things that i want to go back and add later.  I can put those things here so that they are all in one spot.  

Well, this is my bullet journal setup for December.  I had a lot of fun creating this tool and look forward to developing it throughout the month of December.

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