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#NaNoWriMo18 Day 4

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Day 4

Word Count: 6923

Possibilities are limitless.

Plotting and Outlining Hacks

Yesterday, I wrote garbage.  Today I want to rewrite the scene I had written with the intention of introducing Dreven and putting him in the spotlight right from the start.  In addition to this, I also need to meet my word count.

The main points I want to highlight are Lizzy’s awful culinary skills, Dreven’s dramatic entrance, and the relationship between Dreven and Kenneth (Lizzy’s dad).  The “garbage” I’d written started with Lizzy and her dad eating at the kitchen table and then Dreven knocks at the front door.

It wasn’t dramatic.  It didn’t have any conflict or hook.  So, what’d I do?  I did a little research.  I was having a hard time getting into Dreven’s head.  I’d used the Myers Briggs profile to figure out his personality type, ESFJ, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

That’s when I stumbled across Character Archetypes.

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I spent several hours researching these archetypes and sub-archetypes.  After adding them to my writing journal (where I keep all the goodies I’ve discovered) I found out Dreven was a Healer  & Lizzy was a romantic.  Check out NVision’s Article if you want to conduct some research of your own.

After finally feeling closer to Dreven, I was ready to introduce him to the world.  I changed the ending of Scene 1 and added a glimpse of Dreven, without really introducing his character.

I opened the front door, the hinges creaking to a stop.  “Did something happen to dad?”

“No,” he replied.  “Kenneth is fine.”  The breath in my throat whooshed from my lungs as the tendrils of panic slowly released their grasp on my chest.  “I didn’t mean to startle you, but Kenneth needs his research, and he’d forgotten it here this morning.”

“Oh.”  I stepped aside so he could enter.  “He had it in the living room this morning.  Maybe he left it in there.”

“What’s that smell?”  Dreven asked.

“Smell?”  I took a sniff, but nothing smelled out of the ordinary.  I’d hoped I hadn’t gone nose-blind.  We’d rarely had visitors, so I was not well equipped with the skills of a proper host.  “I don’t smell anything.”

He took another sniff.  “It smells like something is burning,” he replied.  “Are you cooking something?”

“My potatoes!”  I gasped and ran for the kitchen.

During scene 2, Dreven met Lizzy in a memorable and comedic way.  I was able to highlight some of his “Healer” tendencies during the scene as well as Lizzy’s bad culinary skills.  This scene piques the interest of the reader and makes them wonder what will happen between these two.

Dreven shows up again later with Kenneth, Lizzy’s dad. I don’t want to give the story away, but the second showing was purposely written to develop tension.  It will lead to the inciting incident which should occur during Scene 3.

So far, the outline I’d started with has changed.  I am still traveling in the same direction, but the conflicts and incidents are in a different order or have disappeared altogether.


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Cynthia’s first exploration took her to the world of Sanctoria, a place full of magic and mystery.  After falling in love and leading an army to war, Cynthia left Sanctoria and continued on her journey.

Currently, Cynthia resides in one of the Revenant cities on Earth.  What mysteries will the city hold and where will Cynthia end up?  Who knows?  But you can guarantee that Cynthia will tell us all about it!


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