#NaNoWriMo18 Day 1

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Day 1

Word Count: 1681

Hook Your Reader Right From The Start!

Writing Tips & Hacks

Today I wrote what I feel is a pretty good hook.  I wanted to capture interest without giving too much of the story away. The scene plays out where Lizzy is walking blindly through a dark subway tunnel toward the light at the end.  She is leaving her old life behind to start living a life of her own choosing while inwardly reflecting on the choices she has made and how much she has grown since the moment of change (the inciting incident).

The illusion I’d lived in faded away, a wisp of vapor lost along the current of the wind.  I’d accepted my fate but didn’t realize the price I would have to pay.

—Elizabeth “Lizzy” McCarthy

I met my word count, but it was a struggle.  I’m finding that my outline is not as effective as I’d hoped.  I’ve started writing a scene outline using my original outline as a guide (or outline rough draft).

In addition to keeping my bullet journal, joining in the forums, battling it out on and watching/reading everything I can about NaNoWriMo techniques/tricks, I’m also going to make a daily video log.  Whether it will ever go public—who knows, but I’m going to do it anyway.


42132018_1993653480698198_5846043139508273152_nOther than being an awesome mom and a devoted wife, Cynthia is an avid explorer traveling through the galaxy of her mind meeting new and interesting people along the way.  Her destination is unknown, but the fun is in the journey.

Cynthia’s first exploration took her to the world of Sanctoria, a place full of magic and mystery.  After falling in love and leading an army to war, Cynthia left Sanctoria and continued on her journey.

Currently, Cynthia resides in one of the Revenant cities on Earth.  What mysteries will the city hold and where will Cynthia end up?  Who knows?  But you can guarantee that Cynthia will tell us all about it!


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