Book Review: Skyborn by Leia Stone

Title of Book:  Skyborn (Dragons & Druids Book 1)

Author: Leia Stone

Main Character(s): Sloane Murphy

First Published: December 2017

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 284 pages

First Sentence: “My feet pounded the ground as I ran down the secluded street that housed the cabin I had been hiding out in.”

Last Sentence: “We weren’t alone.’”

Tag Line:  The War Between Dragons & Druids Just Got More Interesting!

Story Line Overview: Sloane Murphy didn’t know she was a dragon until her hiking trip turned awry and she almost died.  After turning into a dragon, she was chased by men, whom she would later discover were druids, that wanted to kill her.

She had been on the run for days by the time Keegan, another dragon, found her.  He and his pack, a group of shifters that had taken a pledge to protect the skyborn, took it upon themselves to teach/train Sloane in the ways of the Skyborn.

But things aren’t always as they seem to be.  Dragon magic is green, but Sloane’s magic is purple.  She discovers that she has the blood of the enemy running in her veins.  With the help of a high witch, her pack, and a rogue druid, Sloane must learn how to survive with her new found powers.

My review: 

This was a wonderful read.  I was able to guess some of the plot twists and turns before they happened, but overall it was an interesting story.  Sloane’s character was relatable and Keegan’s character was tolerable.  The romance between the two was a smolder that threatened to spark into flame.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes magic, dragons, druids, and witches.  It is good for adults of all ages.

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Happy reading my friends!

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