Book Review: Fallen Academy (Year One) by Leia Stone

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Fallen Academy (Year One)

Author: Leia Stone

Main Character(s): Brielle Atwater

First Published: August 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 350 pages

First Sentence: “My mother pushed open the door to my bedroom, allowing the light to leak inside.”

Last Sentence: “I dropped my spoon into my bowl. ‘Oh shit.’”

Tag Line:  Good vs. Evil takes on a whole new light!

Story Line Overview: Brielle Atwater knew her fate.  Ever since her father died and her mother had signed the contract with a demon, she knew she would be a demon slave for the rest of her life.

Brielle would soon come to realize that fate has a sick sense of humor.  Growing up in demon city, she knew how to handle herself and what to expect of demons.  Living the good life in Angel City was just a dream, or it was.

The day she sprouted black wings and became a celestial, her life changed forever!  With the help of four overly smexy trainers, Brielle would have to learn how to use her powers to help others.

Everything seems fine, until Brielle discovers she has black magic.  Darkness lurks within her and she is scared of it.

My review: 

Loved it!!!!!  This is a good twist to the classic tale of the Fallen Angels.  Brielle and Lincoln Grey have the perfect love-hate relationship going on keeping me fully entertained.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes The Revenant City Series, The La Croix Chronicles, and The Four Horsemen Series.


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