Book Review: Signs of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy

Title of Book:  Signs of Cupidity (Heart Hassle Book 1)

Author: Raven Kennedy

Main Character(s): A Cupid with no name and three hot grefins

First Published: August 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 255 pages

First Sentence: “’Hey there, gorgeous.  Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Because you have a sweet ass,’ the guy says, leaning an elbow on the bar beside the girl wearing a skin-tight dress.”

Last Sentence: “Tomorrow?  Yeah, tomorrow is a different story.”

Tag Line:  What could possibly happen when a bitter loved deprived cupid finally gets what she wants?

Story Line Overview: Cupids are noncorporeal, living in a dimension called the veil.  Their job is simple, spread love to everyone.  But no one explained that you couldn’t receive love in return (or join in on the fun).

Our cupid MC is bitter toward humans and bad pick up lines.  She stops spreading the love and is called into the “principal’s office” (Cupidville—for all intensive purposes) to receive punishment.

As luck would have it, she is sent to the land of the fae where she would score her biggest love scheme yet…..or would she?

Things don’t turn out as she had expected when she discovers the prince is nothing more than a philandering horney bucket of scum.  After decades of dealing with human males, this Cupid knew exactly how to handle the prince, except she went a little over the top and things backfired on her.

Now she finds herself stranded on an island with three of the hottest fae she had ever seen and a real body that is hungry for some lovin!

My review: 

Totally enjoyable.  I love the plot and the humor mixed throughout the story.  The romance is very low key too which is a plus.  Our cupid experiences the trials of love (or lack thereof) that many people can relate too.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a bit of romance (nothing distasteful) intertwined with fantasy.T

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Happy reading my friends!

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