Book Review: Claimed by Gods (The Dark Valkyrie Book 1) by Eva Chase

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Claimed by Gods (Their Dark Valkyrie Book 1)

Author: Eva Chase

Main Character(s): Aria Watson and four smoking hot gods

First Published: May 2018

Publisher: Ink Sparks Press

Pages: 260 pages

First Sentence: “I’d like to tell you that I died in epic fashion, guns blazing in the middle of a vast street brawl, or at least something scandalously hot, like falling off a balcony during the most incredible sex of my life.”

Last Sentence: “’Only Odin can open the bridge to Asgard,’ he said.  ‘So if that’s not Odin….where in the nine realms are we?’”

Tag Line:  Odin is missing and the gods are in trouble.  Their fates rely on a newly-born valkyrie that hasn’t accepted her reality.

Story Line Overview: Aria Watson learned to survive at a very young age.  Her mother was drawn to bad men, the sort that would force you to lock your doors at night so that you could sleep alone.  Aria’s brother, Petey, is the center of her life.  Although separated due to her circumstance, Aria tries to provide for him as best as she can.  It wasn’t until her life suddenly ended that things began to change

The Norse gods are real flesh and blood hotties.  They called Aria back to life with one mission in mind: to find Odin, the Allfather.  Loki, Hod, Thor, Baldur, and Freya help Aria learn to control her new found powers.

With a goal in mind, Aria sets off on the hunt for the missing Allfather, but will she be able to survive?

My review: 

Aria is one badass heroine who doesn’t take no for an answer.  She is strong and relies on her instincts to see her through the trials she faces.  The skeletons in her past don’t hold her down but help to drive her forward.  She is a devoted sister who would do anything for the sake of her little brother, including sending him to a place where the elves would never be able to find him.

This was an enjoyable read.  Even though it was a little out of my element, and I don’t know much about Norse gods other than what I’ve seen in the movies, I was able to easily follow the plot.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Curse of the Gods Series, The Titan’s Saga, and Protected by Dragons.


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