Book Review: Strength by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Title of Book:  Strength (Curse of the Gods Book 4)

Author: Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Main Character(s): Willa Knight and the 5 Abcurse Brothers

First Published: July 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages:  274 pages

First Sentence: “The greatest thing about being dead was the food.”

Last Sentence: “The thought hit me, spoken in my mother’s voice, and I could feel the clench of my heart.  ‘New home,’ I confirmed, looking at her.”

Tag Line:  What could possibly happen when two gods get together and produce an accident-prone daughter with otherworldly powers?

Story Line Overview:  It turned out Willa was not the Beta of Chaos. Hiding from Straviti and Rau, Willa is thrown into a feud between the gods.  If she were the Beta of Chaos, Straviti would kill her on site stopping Rau from in his scheme for ultimate power.

Willa has discovered a new power.  She has the ability to create fire.  Not just any fire, but a blazing inferno.  In an attempt to avoid the ensuing chaos that Willa invoked, Cyrus hid her in his cave, a place no one had ever been before.

The Abcurse brothers have troubles of their own as they are elected to teach upcoming Sol’s at Champions Peak, a place for the best of the best.  Not thrilled by the new development, they must find a way to accomplish the task set before without killing their charges.

My review: 

Again I couldn’t put this one down.  Immediately I was drawn into the story.  I love how the plot is centered around the development of the characters, their growth as individuals, rather than the sex.

I also loved the second couple that has developed, Emmy and the Neutral God.  It is funny reading about their love-hate relationship.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a bit of romance (nothing distasteful) intertwined with God-like powers and an awesome sense of humor.

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Happy reading my friends!

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