Bear a child or Bare a child?


I was writing a particular scene in The Curse of Judas and I stumbled across the difference between bear and bare.  Here is the snippet from the scene:

“You are important.  In fact, you are the most important person I have met in the thousand years of my existence,” he replied.

“Why is that?” I asked as I mentally calculated my chances at escaping this room before he could catch me and bring me back

“Because there has never been a female born under the revenant’s curse before,” he replied.  There it was.  I had guessed right.  He summoned me here so that I could bear him a child.

My legs moved as soon as the thought of escape entered my mind.  I managed to wrap my hand around the handle of the door and started to pull it open.  But he was fast, faster than me.

What is the difference between bear and bare?

You can bear a load, or bear a child but you bare yourself or bare your teeth.  Pretty much, if you can substitute the word “expose” then use the word bare.  If you can substitute the word “carry” then use bear.

That is easiest I’ve found to figure out which word to correctly use.

Happy writing my friends!

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