Hung vs Hanged

I thought of something interesting as I was working through my WIP.

What is the difference between hung and hanged?

A curtain is hung but a man is hanged.  Why can’t a man be hung?  I think it is strange that we use the word hung more than hanged.  Our infinity for “the hanging man” is weird and wrong, but it is there.  A part of the history of man that can’t be reversed.

I don’t know.  Maybe I am not making sense, but I just thought it was weird.  Even the Hunger Games had the hanging tree….it wasn’t the hung tree……..

What a weird thing the English language is…….

Happy writing my friends!

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Author: Cynthia Brandel

Published author and founder of, Cynthia has captivated the world with her works of fiction including The Sanctorian Series and her latest work, The Revenant City Series. Lover of young adult reads and fantasy reads, Cynthia has transformed her passions into a full-time career.

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