Continually vs. Continuously

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While editing a chapter in my newest novel, The Curse of Judas, I ran across something interesting.  I have been using the words continually and continuously incorrectly.  While the reader can still get the gist of the message I was trying to convey, it still struck me that I had not thought about it before.

Continually is used when something happens but not all the time; repeated frequently in the same way; regularly.

“this information is continually updated”
Continuously is used when something happens all the time, repeatedly and without exceptions
“the river flows continuously”
I thought this was very interesting and wanted to share it with you.  I have never claimed to be an expert at my craft.  I find that I am constantly learning new things.
As a rule, I strongly believe authors should help other authors.  By sharing what I learn, I feel that I am helping others to grow as well.
Happy writing my friends!
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