Book Review: Trickery (Curse of the Gods Book 1)by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Trickery (Curse of the Gods Book 1)

Author: Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

Main Character(s): Willa Knight and the 5 Abcurse Brothers

First Published: February 2017

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 388 pages

First Sentence: “Some things in life were a given.”

Last Sentence: “And nothing would defeat us.”

Tag Line:  Mix godly powers, 5 hot guys, and an accident-prone girl and what do you get….

Story Line Overview:  Willa Knight is used to getting into trouble.  She is the most accident-prone dweller in her village.  Her best friend, Emmy, has grown used to Willa getting hurt, or setting a building on fire, or causing someone to go bald.  Pretty much, if it is impossible or unlikely, then it will happen to Willa.

By luck, or bad luck I should say, Willa and Emmy were sent to Blesswood Academy where they would have to serve the Sols (people with some Godlike powers that strive to ascend into Godhood).  Once there, Willa’s life becomes chaotic as she catches the attention of the 5 Abcurse brothers.  Challenging them was probably not a good idea, but Willa already wasn’t expecting to live past one suncycle at Blesswood.  So hey, what would it hurt?

By luck, Willa survives a trip to the land of the Gods but is brought face to face with the God of Chaos, Rau.  Rau tries to curse the brothers (because he loves chaos…hence his name) but Willa gets in the way and takes the curse into herself.

No longer a normal dweller, but neither a Sol nor a God, Willa finds herself becoming the 6th member of the Abcurse family—a girl brother.

My review:   I read this book in one night…going without sleep and having to get up for work….but it was worth it!  Willa is totally relatable and the story line flows smoothly.  I absolutely love the world of the Abcurses.  Gods mingling with the common folk and upturning the natural order of things.  I loved it!  Even the romance between the Abcurse brothers and Willa was not overpowering.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Protected by Dragons Series, Cupidity Series, and The Titan’s Saga.


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