Book Review: Wings of Fire (Protected by Dragons Book 2) by G. Bailey

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title of Book:  Wings of Fire (Protected by Dragons Book 2)

Author: G. Bailey

Main Character(s): Isola and her dragon guards (Elias, Dagan, and Korbin…oh yeah there is Thorne too)

First Published: March 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 284 pages

First Sentence: “Every step he makes to get closer to me is dangerous because of what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking..”

Last Sentence: “Darkness will win; not only Dragca will fall, but Earth, too…”

Tag Line:  And the plot thickens…

Story Line Overview:  Isola Dragonice is the last female ice dragon and the princess to the throne on Dragca or was until the throne was usurped (by one of the guards that was supposed to be protecting her).  Cast to Earth along with her three remaining guards, Isola has lived as a human ignorant to her lineage and the power she possesses.  That is until an unexpected ally helps her to recover her memories.

Now Isola is determined to get back what she lost.  First, she will need to remind her three dragon guards who they are and what she means to them.

My review:   I really go wound up in the family lines of this one.  Isola was helped by a sister that she know she had.  She was betrayed by Thorne, her step brother, who is being controlled by his mother.    The relationship between Isola and her guards gets a bit steamy at times…

Overall I liked this book and look forward to finding out what will happen to Isola and her dragon guard.

I would recommend this story for anyone who loves The Darkest Drae SeriesThe Lux Series, and Fallen Academy.


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